Friday, 21 September 2012

Holdsworth's Pink Theobroma Cube

I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by the folks at Holdsworth chocolates recently who kindly sent me out a box of their  Pink Theobroma Cube chocolates for my to try and review. 

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

Holdsworth chocolates based in Bakewell, Derbyshire began producing chocolate entirely by hand over 24 years ago; the chocolates are kneaded, rolled, chopped and packaged solely by hand before being shipped off for ourselves, the consumers to enjoy. They produce a wide range of various filled chocolates but the Pink Theobroma Cube I was sent to review contained a nice selection of 15.

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

On first sight I would definitely say that these are more of a box of chocolates for a female; the elegant pink cube box ornately decorated with the "Theobroma cocoa tree"; for those of you that don't know Theobroma is the plant genus that cacao resides under; screams elegance and luxury and looks that little bit more special compared to the norm.

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

The bottom of the box contains the information regarding what delicious chocolates are stored inside - although Holdsworth are in the process of producing a menu that will be placed inside the boxes instead. An assortment of milk, plain & white chocolates are what awaits you with flavours of : Grand Marnier, Fresh Orange Truffle, Clotted Cream Truffle, Cranberry Cream, Strawberry Cream, Irish Coffee Truffle, Pink Champagne Explosion Truffle, Creme de Cacao Truffle, Praline Cup, Marzipan & Pistachio Cream, Apple & Geranium, Strawberry Champagne Truffle, Champagne Liqueur Truffle, Fresh Milk Truffle & Coffee Cream!

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

Reading through the menu I was slightly perturbed at first, this box contained a lot of alcoholic flavoured chocolates - normally the type that I am not particularly partial to; however this was all about to change.

The chocolates are all a really good substantial size; good hefty truffles with a decent amount of both filling and outer chocolate covering, whilst the textures are absolutely sublime; rich, creamy & oh so decadent. You feel like you are floating away on a boat of rich truffley goodness!

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

As mentioned previously I am not a huge fan of alcoholic chocolates that seem to detract all flavour away from the chocolate and end being more like a shot of the strong stuff - inclined to knock my socks off. Thankfully Holdsworth seem to use the alcohol to complement the chocolates rather than work against it; to soften and preserve the centres and provide a slight warmth in the background whilst letting the chocolate and the other flavours present take centre stage.

A particular highlight for me was the Pink Champagne Explosion Truffle with wonderful flavours of Marc de Champagne, strawberries, orange, pear and lemon enrobed in pink chocolate it was light, refreshing and not too heavy on the palette. This worked in great unison with some of the deeper flavour chocolates present in the box such as the Creme de Cacao Truffle - bursting with chocoalte liqueur and enrobed in plain chocolate this was extremely rich & packed with deep chocolate flavours.

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

This varying contrast of flavours between deeper darker numbers & light, fresh, natural fruity chocolates was what made this box exciting and constantly pleasant on the palette. The fruit flavours aren't artificial tasting whatsoever and thankfully aren't too sweet - the Apple & Geranium white chocolate was delightfully tangy; whilst the deeper more intense chocolates provide a perfect counterbalance when you want something a bit richer.

Overall these are a wonderful box of chocolates; not only do they taste delicious but the inner textures are the stuff of heaven. My only problem with these is that they were so good and that I wanted to try so many that I ended up making myself feel slightly sick as these are so rich! Definitely ones to spread out and enjoy over a period of time, or share between a family..however these are so good that you might want to keep them all to yourself.

Holdsworth Theobroma Cube

Taste - 8.9/10 - All the chocolates are well executed; the alcohol isn't too strong and each chocolate tastes exactly as it's described.
Texture - 9.3/10 - Rich, indulgent, decadent..need I say more!
Appearance - 8.7/10 - These chocolates look beautiful and the pink box if pretty & feminine.
Price - 8.8/10 - Priced at £14.95 I'd say these are one of the best value boxes of chocolates I've seen for a while!
Overall - 8.9/10 - Absolutely delicious - I only wish I had some left!
WHO FOR?I'd imagine this is certainly more of a box of chocolates for a woman than a man; although I can imagine pretty much any woman would love these!

I've noticed Holdsworth Chocolates have appeared at my local John Lewis recently; but you can also order them online via Holdsworth's website.


  1. This is the prettiest box of chocolates I have seen in a long time! They look adorable.

  2. I agree- they look absolutely amazing.

    Beautiful box and even better looking chocolates inside.

  3. For some reason or another...I have chocolate on the brain ;)