Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Madécasse 63% Sea Salt & Nibs

I love it when companies produce mini ranges of certain bars; not only does it allow you to have a guilt free chocolate snack but it also means that you can sample a wide range of products without having to worry that if you don't like it you're not going to be left with the majority of a huge bar left!

Madécasse Sea Salt & Nibs 63% 

 As I have mentioned in previous reviews Madécasse are a bean to bar chocolate company, with their chocolate being sourced and made in Madagascar; their ethical and fair approach towards cocoa farming really sets them apart from the rest.

Their Sea Salt & Nibs bar came in a cute dinky 25g package and was heavily studded with delicious looking cocoa nibs and the word "Madagascar" imprinted on the front of the bar, just in case, you know, you forgot where this chocolate came from!

The sea salt and the cocoa nibs provided a wonderful counterbalance to the classic fruity acidic notes from the Madagascan chocolate; I found, on eating this bar that it was much mellower than I expected, so often Madagascan chocolate provides very intense acidic flavours on the palate whilst I expected the cocoa nibs to be quite drying/woody.

Madécasse Sea Salt & Nibs 63% 

However this was not the case at all; and in fact I think the bar was better off because of it - the cocoa nibs and sea salt added a more savoury element to the bar reminiscent of pancakes/crepes intertwining with the light cocoa and red fruit flavours that the 63% dark chocolate offered.

I absolutely adore my salted chocolates when executed well and this bar most certainly is, final tastes include a wonderful salty tang that lingers at the back of your throat as you crunch your way through the scattering of cocoa nibs that are left in your mouth - these provide a wonderful texture contrast and add a lovely satisfying crunch to the bar!

Madécasse Sea Salt & Nibs 63% 

 Even though this bar was only a small 25g size I would certainly have no problem buying the larger version and quite happily finishing the whole thing off; this is one of those bars that I imagine you could just go back to again and again whatever your mood and enjoy the sweet/savoury flavours it has to offer.

Taste - 8.5/10 - Mellower than expected but extremely pleasant; light red fruit flavours mixed with the wonderfully salty tang and light woody tastes offered from the cocoa nibs.
Texture - 8.7/10 - Love how satisfying the crunch of this chocolate bar is!
Appearance - 8.8/10 - Madécasse's bars always look wonderful, they have an earthy simple kind of feel to them.
Price - 7.6/10 - I think I paid around $2.50 for this small bar, whilst the larger 75g bar is priced at $5.99 on their website - not bad.
Overall - 8.4/10 - A tasty, well executed chocolate bar.
Anyone concerned in the ethics of chocolate making should definitely introduce themselves to Madécasse; also suitable for anyone who enjoys salted light dark chocolates - not too intense.

I picked mine up from Wholefoods when I was in NY; however you can order online via the Madécasse website.

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  1. I, too, loved the combination of the nibs and salt in this bar. Brilliant!