Saturday, 15 September 2012

Moonstruck 31% Milk Chocolate

I always love pondering over the Moonstruck website; a chocolate company based in Oregon in the U.S. their novel range of truffles always astounds me, not only do they produce a range of innovative delicious sounding confections the cute yet tasty looking animal truffles always tempt me..if only I could buy them easily I could quite happily munch my way through a whole "farmyard" full!

Moonstruck 31% Milk Chocolate Bar 

However the review I bring to you today is something far more simplistic and a bar that I easily picked up when I was in abroad; their simple 31% milk chocolate bar, although I love my dark chocolate also there's something I find about milk chocolate that is extremely comforting - sweet, creamy and perfect for a treat on a cold evening to snuggle down with a warm mug of tea (how British of me!).

Moonstruck's bars are beautifully decorated, this one complete with a whimsical blue theme and St Johns Bridge, Oregon; whilst the bar itself is separated into nice size chunks imprinted with stars and the classic Moonstruck logo. The beans used to create this bar are from Java and it certainly feels like a better quality milk chocolate bar than the many commercial varieties we so often become accustomed to.

Moonstruck 31% Milk Chocolate Bar 

The melt is incredibly smooth and rich with a wonderful thick, luxurious feel to it as the flavours start to unveil themselves across your taste buds. Immediately I was hit with quite a strong vanilla flavour, and, looking on the ingredients list I did notice that this was an added ingredient, light caramel and toffee notes also made there way through lingering every so slightly before giving way to a nice malt finish.

This bar is quite sweet but I found that this bar was particularly milky/creamy and because of this it helped to counterbalance the sweetness nicely, making sure that it never became too overpowering in which it reached the stage of that horrific throat burning that some overly sweet chocolates provide!

After finishing a few pieces of this bar I pondered for a while; in terms of a milk chocolate bar it had everything that I looked for : creamy - check, milky - check, good melt - check and rich, yet not overly sweet cocoa flavours - check. However there was something that I just couldn't put my finger on that I felt was missing from the bar - it was good, but I felt it just needed something to take it to the next level to where it was astounding.

Moonstruck 31% Milk Chocolate Bar  

Taste - 7.2/10 - Good creamy rich caramel, toffee, vanilla and malt notes. A very creamy milk chocolate.
Texture - 7.9/10 - A lovely smooth luxurious melt.
Appearance - 8.7/10 - This is one of the nicest decorated bars I've seen in a while, both on the exterior and interior.
Price - 7.4/10 - This bar is priced at $4.25 for an 85g bar - not extortionate and I would quite happily pay this again.
Overall - 7.8/10 - As stated above this was a perfectly delicious bar, I just felt that it was lacking a tiny something.
Anyone who adores their milk chocolate should love this - a bar for a bit of a treat and a finer occasion.

WHERE TO BUY?I picked mine up from Wholefoods in NYC but you can also check the Moonstruck website for details of how to buy online.

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