Friday, 16 November 2012

Chococo Fish, Chips & Peas

Fish & chips. A renowned British classic; a staple of the Friday night at many a British household, but to be honest I'm not that big of a fan, the battered fish and the stodgy chips just don't appeal to me. If it wasn't for my weakness for chocolate every now and then my diet would be ridiculously clean;but here we have the classic British Fish & Chips in chocolate form, from the wonderful folks at Chococo.

Chococo Fish, Chips & Peas

They come in 2 various sizes: the large "Harry the Haddock" (150g) with 100g white chocolate chips and 25g dark chocolate peas, or the smaller with "Cocoa the Clownfish" (70g), 100g white chocolate chips and also 25g dark chocolate peas. I opted for Cocoa the Clownfish.

They come in a take away box, just like Fish & Chips, and are even complete with their own little newspaper; albeit the fish instead of chunky white cod, is a milk chocolate, Grenada 44%, the chips are strips of white, Dominican Republic,/dark marbled chocolate, and the "peas" are dark chocolate with crunchy green chocolate shells. Now this is what I call proper Fish & Chips - give me this over a takeaway any day! Sweet definitely trumps savoury in my opinion!

Chococo Fish, Chips & Peas

I love that despite the novelty of this product it is still made with really good quality chocolate; the white chocolate chips take you away on a wonderful fluffy little cloud of creamy, vanilla, butter goodness; whilst the milk chocolate fish  is rich, not too sweet with a gorgeously creamy melt. The "peas", well lets just say I wish these were one of my 5 a day, they added a wonderful texture contrast and were perfect to just pop into the mouth and enjoy.

Aesthetically these Fish & Chips look beautiful; I felt a bit cruel actually breaking into them, yet they also taste delicious.  Whether you enjoy novelty chocolate or are just after something that tastes really good these are perfect either way.
So we've had chocolate pizza, now chocolate fish & chips, what could be next..chocolate kebab!

Taste - 7/10 - A lovely creamy milk & white chocolate; not too sweet yet still satisfying.
Texture - 7.7/10 - Smooth chocolate with a lovely melt, nice crunch added by the green candy coated peas.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Look great! Perfect novelty chocolate!
Price - 7/10 - The small "Cocoa the Clownfish" variety is £12.95 whilst the larger is £16.95; not bad value and really good quality chocolate.
Overall - 7.5/10 - A great looking, great tasting novelty product.
WHO FOR?This is perfect for kids and adults alike, cute & fun yet extremely tasty!

WHERE TO BUY?You can buy this online from Chococo's shop.


  1. What a brilliant product, I love the look of these. It's nice to know they taste good too!

    I think there should be a chocolate hamburger next :)

  2. For a minute I was expecting a Zotter review. This is so cute! Love it!