Friday, 30 November 2012

House of Dorchester Festive Christmas Yule Logs

Not being a huge fan of Christmas pudding its always fun for me trying to find something different yet delicious for me to tuck into for Christmas Day dessert; many a year has gone by when I've tucked into the thick, fudgy satisfaction of a chocolate yule log. Yum.

House of Dorchester Praline Yule Logs 

This year HoD have taken the classic Christmas Yule Log and turned it into a chocolate; well they've name it after it at least - as on closer inspection I found out that these chocolates were essentially just a smooth praline with caramelised hazelnut pieces dusted in icing sugar to give them a slightly more winter/festive feel. I would have liked to have see maybe a bit more interlinking with a Yule Log; maybe some sort of fudge paste topping, but hey ho, it's still chocolate so I was more than willing to give them a whirl. Alas I did find it slightly disappointing that they had pretty much just taken a chocolate out of one of the other selections that they already sell and just popped a Christmas name on it.

Looking at them they reminded me exactly of Thornton's Alpini Chocolate Pralines, the same dusting of icing sugar, the caramelised hazelnut pieces and the smooth hazelnut praline; heck when I popped one into my mouth they virtually tasted identical.

House of Dorchester Praline Yule Logs 

So what does this mean? Well, firstly, if you like Thornton's Alpini chocolates then you'll certainly enjoy these; however they are extremely sweet. There isn't particularly a great flavour of rich nutty praline but more just an overwhelming sense of sweet sugar, whilst the caramelised hazelnut pieces are more like crunchy bits of sugar rather than deep earthy nut pieces.

House of Dorchester Praline Yule Logs 

I also found the praline to be a tad dry; I like the feeling of floating away on a super rich, smooth, luxurious praline and unfortunately you just don't get that with these "Yule Logs"; nevertheless if you're looking for something sweet to hit the spot this Christmas then these are a great go to - maybe to share them out after Christmas Dinner, just be warned, you definitely need a big sweet tooth!

Taste - 5.4/10 - A bit too sweet for my liking and I would have liked to have seen maybe a bit more "Yule Log" inspired theme, rather than just taking a chocolate they use in their other boxes and whacking a Christmas name on them.
Texture - 5.2/10 - A bit dry for my liking.
Appearance - 6.3/10 - They look really pretty and are presented in a nice festive themed box.
Price - 5.5/10 - These are priced at £6.99 for 9; it's not horrific value but I think there's a lot of other products out at Christmas this year which offer a bit more than these.
Overall - 5.6/10 - Sweet but nothing special.
WHO FOR?Anyone who has a major sweet tooth - probably a nice idea to share around with the family after Christmas Dinner.

You can pick these up at some department stores/HoD stockists or order online from their website.

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  1. Too bad they aren't tastier, they are adorable!