Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vivani Caramel Créme Bar

Vivani; an organic based German chocolate company, is one that I am going to review today, their bars all ornately decorated, always stood out to me from the shelves whenever I saw them so when I eventually succumbed to trying some a few weeks back it was a question of which one was I going to try first.

Vivani Caramel Créme 

I decided on the Caramel Créme bar, a 33% milk chocolate bar filled with a slightly salted cream caramel; from the description it sounded delicious, a runny gooey chocolate caramel if done correctly is superb and can hit the mark perfectly if the texture and the sweetness is at the correct level.

Alas I am afraid to say that this can't be said for this bar; in fact I'd go as far as to say it is one of the worst caramel bars I have ever had; the caramel is so ridiculously sickly sweet that the back of my throat was on fire from the sheer sugar content of this bar. In conjunction with this there is also a really odd alcohol tang to the bar; almost as if it has gone off - on looking at the ingredients I can confirm that there is alcohol in this bar, what it is supposed to be doing I'm not too sure but it doesn't do the bar any favours!

Not only does the bar taste vile but actually attempting to eat it is a task in itself; the caramel is really runny + sticky so as soon as you try to break off a cube you end up with it not only all over your fingers but also all over whatever surface happens to be beneath you - whether it be a table, your sofa or a brand new top that you're wearing! I would have preferred the caramel much thicker!

The milk chocolate exterior I also found to be lacking, it was relatively weak and non plus and brought nothing particularly great to the overall feel of the bar.

Vivani Caramel Créme 

This is one of those bars that, yes, it may look pretty on first sight but I'm afraid that's where the positives end.

Taste - 3.4/10 - Horrendous, throat burn inducing, sickly sweet with a horrific alcohol tang.
Texture - 4.3/10 - Far too runny/sticky - created such a mess.
Appearance - 6.4/10 - The bar looks relatively pretty but don't let it fool you as to what lurks inside.
Price - 5/10 - I think I paid around £2.50 for this bar;its not ridiculously expensive but you could get a lot better!
Overall - 4.7/10 - Never again!
You would have to have a reallyyyyyyyy sweet tooth to enjoy this!

WHERE TO BUY?Loads of organic food shops sell Vivani or if you're in London I'm pretty sure Wholefoods stocks it, or take a look at the Vivani website.

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