Tuesday, 18 December 2012

House of Dorchester Tasty Christmas Tree

A week today will be Christmas Day! A time for enjoying with family/friends, eating lots of good food and kicking back and relaxing! Safe to say I can't wait! If you're still on the hunt for presents for people do not fear you still have more than enough time to get everything you need - especially some delicious chocolate treats!

house of dorchester tasty christmas tree

Today I bring you another review from HoD's Christmas range; their chocolate shaped Christmas Tree - if you shop in Tesco's you may have see the version that HoD produce for them under their "Chok-a-blok" range, but this is under their own brand name. Firstly I must point out how beautiful this looks; cast in 30% milk chocolate adorned with mini malt balls, chocolate stars, swirls of white chocolate and a beautiful looking gold glitter it looks every bit the ideal festive treat.

I love how compared to the likes of some of the commercial chocolates you may get around Christmas that this is a higher cocoa percentage a 30% milk but is still deliciously creamy/sweet and will certainly tick all the boxes for the majority of the population looking to tuck into a sweet treat around Christmas.

house of dorchester tasty christmas tree

The milk chocolate is thick and perfect for dipping into a warm soothing drink; yet it is still easy to snap a piece off without having to wrestle with the knife and chopping board! The mini malt balls add a nice crunchy texture contrast when you come across one and it is quite tempting to pick them off the chocolate tree to snack on now and then!

house of dorchester tasty christmas tree

A gift perfect for both kids and adults alike I'm sure anyone would be pleased to find this under the Christmas tree a week today!

Taste - 7.3/10 - Creamy, sweet, milk chocolate - will definitely hit the spot!
Texture - 8/10 - Smooth, thick and with nice crunchy malt balls to add a bit of contrast.
Appearance - 8.5/10- Looks absolutely beautiful - so festive!
Price - 8.2/10 - For £4.99 I think this is really good value!
Overall - 8/10 - A wonderful Christmas addition to HoD!
WHO FOR?This is pretty much suitable for anyone that likes chocolate and being only priced at £4.99 it's not going to break the bank.

WHERE TO BUY?You can buy HoD from all major department stores or online here.


  1. I didn't know HoD also make the Chokablok range. I saw a Chokablok chocolate tree in Tesco today and it does look very similar to this. But this looks much nicer! :)

  2. A bit off-topic, but have you tried any of the new "Gnaw" bars yet? I'm curious whether they're any good.

  3. I also didn't realise HoD made the Chokablok range. I reviewed a couple of their trees recently (Chokablok) and thought they were great but Kev is right, these look much nicer. I can see more effort has gone into the presentation e.g. the glitter. I just looked on the website and these have sold out, I am not surprised, I think it looks lovely.