Tuesday, 29 January 2013

House of Dorchester Raspberry Caramel Hearts

It only seems like yesterday that Christmas was here and stores' shelves were filled with chocolate santas, reindeers and snowmen. However with only a couple of weeks until Valentines Day this has all changed and hearts, lips and sweet nothings now grace the chocolate market.

I have these lovely little Raspberry Caramel Hearts to bring you today from the folks at House of Dorchester; a milk chocolate shaped heart, drizzled with white chocolate studded with freeze dried raspberry pieces and filled with a raspberry flavoured soft caramel these sounded absolutely delicious.

House of Dorchester Raspberry Caramel Hearts

Cutting one in  half I could see that the caramel was gorgeously smooth; much more to my liking than hard chewy toffees that I find always seem to get stuck in my teeth and there seems to be no possible way of removing them! The raspberry flavour was delightfully pleasant; not overly sweet nor artificial tasting and complemented the sweet burnt sugar caramel flavours ever so well.

House of Dorchester Raspberry Caramel Hearts

The milk chocolate shell is just the right thickness; not so thick that it deters from the caramel but not too thin that with one small knock you could have caramel spilling everywhere.

 Be warned though, even though these aren't overly sweet you definitely still need a sweet tooth to enjoy these; any pure dark chocolate connoisseurs would certainly not appreciate these. However for the majority of the buying public these are going to hit the spot perfectly.

House of Dorchester Raspberry Caramel Hearts

I think these would make an ideal gift for any woman for Valentines Day; I know I would be pleased to receive them! Just be warned..she may not want to share!

Taste - 6.8/10 - Pleasantly sweet, rich caramel and refreshing raspberry flavours.
Texture - 7.4/10 - Good, smooth caramel and a nicely proportioned milk chocolate exterior.
Appearance - 8.3/10 - Look beautiful!
Price - 7/10 - These are priced at £6.99; they're not going to be the cheapest box of chocolates available this Valentines Day but they're not going to be the most expensive either.
Overall - 7.4/10 - Sweet hearts for your sweetheart!
WHO FOR?Any woman with a sweet tooth would appreciate these!

WHERE TO BUY?You can pick up House of Dorchester from various retailers such as John Lewis or directly from their website here.

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