Saturday, 23 February 2013

Go*Do Bars

I've reviewed a couple of Go*Do's range in the past and was relatively impressed at the little bars; a small pocket sized treat that reminded me of the likes of Green & Blacks and did just enough to satisfy that chocolate craving.

The folks at Go*Do we kind enough to send me out the 4 other bars that they produce for me to sample and try : Chopped Hazelnuts, 34% Milk, Sicilian Almond + Espresso.
Go*Do Chocolate Bars 

The latter 2 were made with Go*Do's 60% dark chocolate whilst the former 2 their 34% milk.

Naturally I opted for the chopped hazelnuts bar first; it was lovely to see good big chunks of hazelnut dotted throughout the bar and they provided a nice crunch to the smooth creamy milk chocolate. I loved to break a little chunk of this off and just let it melt in my mouth until all was left was the hazelnut pieces for me to get my teeth into.

Go*Do Chocolate Bars 

 The plain 34% milk chocolate bar was what followed; unfortunately it wasn't as nice as the milk chocolate with hazelnuts but it still was rather pleasant; tucking into it I couldn't help but draw comparisons with Green & Black's both in terms of flavour and the format of the bar - they are so similar! However this is a perfect little chocolate bar if you're looking for something small, chocolatey but want something with a bit of a higher cocoa percentage than what you are usually graced with at the supermarket chocolate stand.

Go*Do Chocolate Bars  

The 2 60% dark bars that followed were on a similar sort of level to that of the milk chocolate; the dark chocolate used is relatively sweet compared to some so it certainly won't put the masses off but still has that nice earthy deep dark chocolate feel to it that connoisseurs will also enjoy. The Sicilian Almond was gorgeous; with good crunchy nut pieces dotted throughout again whilst the Espresso although was nice had a slightly gritty texture to it.

Go*Do Chocolate Bars 

 It seems that due to the addition of ground coffee it had a rather rough feel to it; it felt more in the style of that of Taza chocolates. Nevertheless as long as you expect this there is nothing wrong with the bar; the coffee flavour isn't so strong that it overwhelms the bar and causes it to be too bitter but provides a pleasant middle ground.

Go*Do Chocolate Bars 

All the bars were pleasantly inoffensive but if I had to choose just one to go for it would have to be the Milk with Hazelnuts!

Taste - 7/10 - Nice, easy to eat chocolate, no strange flavours going on, relatively down to earth.
Texture - 6.7/10 - Bars were smooth with good dispersion of nuts when relevant.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - Relatively simplistic but still look classy.
Price - 6.3/10 - These are priced at around 99p per bar; they're quite small but if you're looking for something a bit different to your usual Dairy Milk/Mars they're definitely a great choice.
Overall - 6.6/10 - Inoffensive, easy, satisfying chocolate treat.

I'd probably recommend these as an "on the go" chocolate bar, rather than one you might buy to take home, due to the smaller more convenient size of them.
You can pick Go*Do up from all over the place, Holland & Barratt is definitely one store that stocks them, failing that you can visit their website.

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  1. These sound lovely, especially the milk choc with hazelnut. I'll definitely give them a try at some point.