Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lindor Coconut

Limited Edition..those 2 words get me every time; as soon as I see them I make sure to purchase the product almost instantly if its something that entices knowing my luck when I eventually get round to buying it, it has disappeared from the shelves!

Lindor Coconut

I knew I couldn't resist when I saw these Lindor Coconut variety in my local Sainsbury's; they simply had to be purchased. All being fair, I'm not a huge fan of coconut chocolates usually - the Bounty would always be left in a tub of Celebrations in my house. Alas I have a soft spot for Lindors and would certainly be willing to try them in case they could buck the trend.

The colour used is the same as that of the previous Lindor Stracciatella; however this variety is made up of a white chocolate coconut truffle centre and then coated with milk chocolate. Opening up the box and unwrapping a truffle you are immediately hit with a sweet strong coconut aroma and popping one into the mouth you are graced with all of the delights of a usual Lindor experience.

Lindor Coconut

I tried just chewing one of these first and its definitely not as good as just letting it melt in the mouth, which allows for the coconut filling flavour to come through properly. Thankfully the coconut flavour is not artificial tasting but these are pretty sweet; thankfully the milk chocolate exterior stops these from becoming throat burning. I'm so glad that Lindor opted for the milk chocolate as oppose to white chocolate which I feel could have ruined these.

These are certainly moreish chocolates but as usual with Lindor you can only have a few or else they become overly rich and sickly; having said that I would certainly buy these again - which is certainly a surprise as normally I wouldn't opt for coconut flavoured if you're a huge coconut fan already I can assure you that you'll absolutely adore these!

Lindor Coconut

Taste - 7.7/10
- Coconut flavour was light and non-artificial and worked well with the milk chocolate.

Texture - 9/10 - As usual I adore the richness of Lindor truffles.
Appearance - 7.3/10 - Relatively pleasing to the eye.
Price - 6.9/10 - I bought these when they were on special at £3 but recently they've gone up to £4.50; its not bad but it seems a lot more expensive than Lindor used to be?!
Overall - 7.7/10 - A good limited edition variety.
WHO FOR?If you love coconut these are a must; however even if you're a bit skeptical I'd still give them a shot..I was pleasantly surprised!

WHERE TO BUY?The only place I've seen these in Sainsbury's although I'm sure you'll be able to pick them up from most supermarkets/stores.

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