Monday, 1 April 2013

Lake Champlain 5* Hazelnut Bar

The last Lake Champlain 5* Bar I tried was fact I'd go further than that I'd say it was phenomenal, this may or may not be down to the small fact that I am in love with peanut butter..or anything remotely nutty and chocolate for that matter. There was just something about the format of the bar, the thick block like style jam packed with delicious goodies that made it ever so delicious..therefore I had extremely high hopes for the Hazelnut variety.

Lake Champlain 5* Hazelnut

This one contained a smooth praline, chopped hazelnuts & milk chocolate and again a hefty 51g was packed into a small neat rectangular shape. Carefully cutting it in half you can see how thick and dense this was; although marketed as a bar it was more like a big thick satisfying indulgent praline chocolate...aka right up my street!

Lake Champlain 5* Hazelnut

Biting into it you could tell that this wasn't a typical sweet commercial praline, which for the more expensive $3-4 price tag you could expect; instead you are greeted with a more mellow soft nutty flavour with a gentle sweetness rather than an overpowering burn. Delicious.

A nice crunch was added due to the chopped hazelnut pieces whilst the exterior milk chocolate added a creamy background flavour and helped lend a nice sweet flavour to the overall bar which will no doubt please many a chocolate fan!

Lake Champlain 5* Hazelnut

However in terms of texture this didn't live up to my usual creamy praline delights; I tend to use Hotel Chocolat's Dizzy Praline as a bench mark when I rate my pralines; to me this is my perfect blend of sweetness and creamy texture. Unfortunately this Lake Champlain Bar didn't have that sultry smooth feel to it; instead the praline was a tad dry and not as "melt in the mouth" as I would have liked.

Lake Champlain 5* Hazelnut

Nevertheless if graced with the opportunity to buy another I certainly wouldn't pass it up as the flavour was spot on; I just think it could have maybe been a tad better in certain aspects to meet by praline 5 star seal of approval!

Taste - 7.9/10 - A good rich nutty flavour, thankfully not too sweet.
Texture - 6.3/10 - A bit disappointing on the texture front, the hazelnuts added a nice crunch but the praline itself was a bit dry.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - Love the thick format of the bar.
Price - 5.5/10 - I think I paid around $3.75 for this; which is around the same price as a Hotel Chocolat Selector pack of Dizzy Pralines..I think I'd prefer the latter.
Overall - 6.7/10 - Nice but not as good as the Peanut variety.
WHO FOR?Not something to grab on the go but more of a sit down treat suitable for anyone who is a fan of pralines.

WHERE TO BUY?I picked mine up from Wholefoods in the U.S. but you can have a look at Lake Champlain's website for further details of buying.

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