Sunday, 28 April 2013

Magnum Ice Cream Chocolates

For quite a while now we've seen chocolate bars made into ice creams - we have the Mars Ice Cream, Double Decker Ice Cream, Twix Ice Cream, Snickers Ice Cream..the list goes on really, but never before have we seen an ice cream made into a chocolate bar.

It's a no brainer really and I'm so glad that someone has eventually got round to making some of our favourite Ice Cream brands into chocolate formation, Unilever have teamed up with Kinnerton and together they've produced a Magnum, Cornetto & Mini Milks in chocolate/vanilla variety for us to tuck into.

Magnum Chocolates

First up today we have the Magnum variety; now myself, I am an avid Magnum fan..I love the things. However if I was going to purchase one, despite not normally being a huge white chocolate fan I would normally gravitate to the white variety rather than that of the milk. Nevertheless the milk still usually hits the spot so I was excited to see how they would be replicated in chocolate form.

Magnum Chocolates

The bar consists of 3 individual Magnum pieces; they look pretty much just like the ice cream variety albeit without a stick and obviously a bit smaller. The chocolate exterior is pretty good quality considering its just a commercial bar; its not too sweet and has a deeper sort of flavour usually associated with higher cocoa percentage chocolate. My only disappointment was that I thought the proportion of the chocolate shell to the filling was perhaps a tad too thick; I would have liked it a bit thinner with more filling as the filling was delightful.

Magnum Chocolates

It reminded me of that of the Vanilla Bliss Bar filling that Cadbury's had out not so long ago; however it definitely had stronger vanilla notes and literally tasted of the vanilla ice cream that lives inside a Magnum! Delicious!

Kinnerton have certainly done a great job in replicating this famous ice cream brand; I was pleasantly surprised and look forward to seeing whether the Cornetto/Mini Milk varieties are equally as good.

Taste - 7.6/10 - Tastes pretty much just like a Magnum.
Texture - 7/10 - I would have liked the chocolate shell to be a bit thinner with a bit more filling.
Appearance - 8/10 - They look great, just like mini Magnums.
Price - 7.8/10 - I picked this up for around 60p at Asda. Bargain.
Overall - 7.6/10 - A tasty treat.
WHO FOR?Certainly anyone who enjoys a Magnum is going to love these; to be honest any chocolate fan would!

WHERE TO BUY?The only place I've seen them so far is Asda.

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  1. I finally found this in a shop just opposite where i take my exams. Imagine my delight.

    Not too bad at all! I agree that the shell was too thick, but then again, Magnum ice cream shells are just as thick eh?