Friday, 7 June 2013

Typical Dutch Australian Homemade Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

So the brand is called "Australian" - yet its a Dutch product? Confused yet?
I was lucky enough to receive this delicious looking bar from a friend who recently went to Rotterdam.

Australian Homemade Hazelnut Milk

Australian are a franchise based confectionery store operating numerous shops around the world, primarily however, they are Dutch and based in Veenendaal; apparently their brand initially angered Indigenous Australians reacted with anger at Australian Homemade, accusing them of using Aboriginal designs without permission and of being disrespectful! However things have obviously died down as here I am enjoying some of their chocolate. Yum!

This bar is thick, and when I say thick, I mean really thick & jam packed full of whole hazelnuts! Let's be honest, this bar was crying out for me to eat it. Containing 35% cocoa solids this isn't just your cheap high street style chocolate and only priced at € 3,25, according to their website its pretty good value for a hefty 100g bar like this!

Australian Homemade Hazelnut Milk

The chocolate is creamy, sweet with that delicious Swiss/Belgian chocolate style feel to it and would certainly please any milk chocolate lover. The hazelnuts however are the real stars of the show; I perhaps would have liked to have seem them roasted - more like in Ritter Sport bars, where the hazelnuts have a bit more of a crispy crunch to them. Nevertheless they were still good and provided a lovely texture contrast, with a delightful surprise every time you bit into a piece containing a hazelnut!

Australian Homemade Hazelnut Milk

If you're in Europe over the summer and happen to see one of these bars I would certainly pick it up, incredibly good value for money and a delicious chocolate bar at that!

Taste - 7.8/10 - Good creamy 35% milk chocolate, not too sweet and a nice nutty element added from the hazelnuts.
Texture - 9/10 - I love how thick, chunky and satisfying this bar is + the added crunch of the hazelnuts = heaven. The only thing that could have made this bar better was if the hazelnuts had been roasted/caramelised.
Appearance - 7.9/10 - The artwork is nice and looks different to certain chocolate bars you may be used to seeing.
Price - 8.7/10 - I think this a bargain for € 3,25.
Overall - 8.4/10
- A great chocolate bar!

WHO FOR?Pretty much anyone who enjoys a good milk chocolate bar will enjoy this - especially if you like to feel like you are getting satisfaction for your money.

WHERE TO BUY?This was bought as a gift for me from Rotterdam; however you can take a look at Australian Homemade's website here...even if it is all in Dutch!

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