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American Soda : Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownies

You wouldn't believe it with the amount of chocolate I eat but I am actually quite a health/fitness nut; I virtually live at the gym and am always on the look out for new products that are not only delicious but also pack a good protein punch.

Lenny & Larrys Muscle Brownies

I can often be found in the kitchen creating protein cakes/biscuits, as an alternative to the more calorie sugar laden varieties that are often on sale, that's why when I recently spotted these Muscle Brownies on American Soda I knew they were a match made in heaven for me. Chocolate brownies with 20g protein! Yum!

These are sold in 4 different flavours : Cookies n Cream, Triple Chocolate, Caramel Walnut & Peanut Butter, which all sounded extremely delicious! One of the first thing I look at when I'm buying protein bars/bakes like this is the nutritional information and I must say I was a tad disappointed to see that 20g protein was actually per 2 servings..i.e. the whole brownie (who would eat half a brownie?!); therefore it was only 20g protein in 340kcal..not really massively high protein.

Lenny & Larrys Muscle Brownies

Having said that if you're trying to watch your fat intake these are pretty good with only 12g fat in the whole brownie, a lot less than what you would be looking to take in if you were to go for a traditional brownie. However the real point is how did these taste?! Quite often with specific protein brands you can taste the protein, they have a strange after tang and generally don't live up to the real thing.

Lenny & Larrys Muscle Brownies

I am happy to say that this is certainly not the case with these..the texture was oh so fudgy/gooey and moist and even better when heated up for a short period of time in the microwave. My favourite probably had to be the Cookies N Cream Brownie which had nice crunchy cookie pieces scattered through it and a creamy vanilla style icing; although the caramel walnut came a close second which huge chunks of walnut and a sweet caramel icing.

Lenny & Larrys Muscle Brownies

Now would I choose these over a regular brownie? To be honest it would depend what I was after; if I wanted to completely indulge and didn't care about how many calories/fat etc was in my brownie I may go out and just have a regular one. However if I was looking for a way to increase protein in my diet, and compared to the minimal amount of actually GOOD tasting bars/bakes that are available then I would definitely pick one of these up again. At £2.49 I don't think you could turn it down really..not when it tastes that good! I'd choose one of these over a protein shake any time!

Lenny & Larrys Muscle Brownies
Taste - 7.5/10 - One of the best protein bars I've tasted; my personal favourite was Cookies n Cream.
Texture - 8.4/10 - Gooey, fudgy & oh so delicious. Try it warmed in the microwave with a small scoop of ice cream if you want to be truly decadent!
Appearance - 8/10 - Good chunky sized brownie with decent nutritional information & a pretty drizzle of icing.
Price - 8.3/10 - I think these are a bargain at £2.49 considering most protein bars are priced around the same and taste a lot worse.
Overall - 8/10 - A healthier alternative treat.
Any fitness fan is going to LOVE these; however even if you're not even particularly into the gym and are simply looking for a healthier alternative to your classic brownie these are great.

You can pick these up from American Soda's website here.

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