Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cadbury's Crunchums

Despite being launched a fair few weeks ago I still hadn't got round to buying a bag of the new Cadbury Crunchums, in all honestly I didn't think they sounded anything spectacular. I love rich, indulgent chocolate bars, not cereal coated with a small layer of chocolate. To me, it just didn't sound like it would satisfy any chocolate craving whatsoever, so I didn't purchase any.

Cadbury's Crunchums

However recently I was offered the opportunity to give them a go and post up a review of them. Of course I was never going to turn this down so with this I had the experience to give them a try. Described as "crunchy cereal bites tumbled in delicious Cadburys milk chocolate" I understood that this wasn't going to be a Dairy Milk coating but the lower grade chocolate they produce which is often used for Easter Eggs etc, not that I'm complaining, its still tasty!

I poured myself a serving portion and began to nibble...with each nibble I began to completely re-evaluate these! "Wow they're actually pretty good" I thought to myself; after finishing my bowlful my opinion had completely changed. Ok, if you want a big, satisfying, cocoa-rich chocolate kick don't buy these, but if you want a good sweet snacking alternative to say sit down and watch a film with these are great and so incredibly more-ish.

Cadbury's Crunchums

The cereal is crisp, crunchy and light, kind of like the texture of Golden Grahams with a sweet/savoury flavour to them which work as a nice backdrop for the sweet Cadburys milk chocolate. The coating isn't incredibly thick but it does the job and overall leads to a rather pleasant nibbling experience. I think these would be perfect mixed in with a bowl of popcorn for a night in front of  a film or as a treat to take to the cinema and although not being as chocolate-rich as the likes of Wispa Bites etc they do have their place and can see them appealing to chocolate fans/non-chocolate fans alike.

Cadbury's Crunchums

Taste - 6.6/10
- I was pleasantly surprised, a nice light crunchy cereal coated in sweet Cadbury's chocolate.

Texture - 7.4/10 - I loved how light and crunchy the cereal pieces were; they definitely live up to their "Crunchums" name.
Appearance - 6.4/10 - Good bitesize pieces but do have the tendency to get a bit squished!
Price - 6.2/10 - These are priced in line with the other Cadbury's sharing bags, there are probably others I would choose before these but they're still good value.
Overall - 6.6/10 - My mind has been changed and I shall look forward to nibbling through the rest of the bag!
Good for when you've got the nibbles and don't want something to heavy/rich.

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