Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hotel Chocolat Banana & Caramel Bar

The combination of banana & caramel is one I absolutely adore in dessert form, the thought of a slice of banoffee pie or banana ice cream with caramel sauce  is just oh so delicious; however it is very rarely done well in chocolate form. Banana is one of those tricky flavours, too subtle and you can't taste it, too strong and its just so unpleasantly overpowering and artificial tasting.

Hotel Chocolat Banana & Caramel Bar

Hotel Chocolat, as part of their summer range, have released 5 new slender looking chocolate bars weighing in at 35g each, all combined with a fruity flavour. The Banana & Caramel was such an obvious choice for me, as soon as I saw it I just knew that I had to buy it!  Hotel Chocolat's classic caramel milk chocolate is striped with creamy white banana chocolate, made from their  new 36% cocoa white chocolate that has just recently been introduced.

Hotel Chocolat Banana & Caramel Bar

Overall this leads to an indulgently creamy satisfying experience. Personally I think the size of this bar is just right, any bigger and I think carrying on to eat it could have gotten a bit sickly/sweet. The 35g format is the perfect treat, the banana flavoured white chocolate is delicious with small bits of crystallised banana running through it that lead for a lovely texture contrast. Whilst the classic caramel milk chocolate is everything you could hope for from a sweeter bar like this, the best thing is that the overall banana flavour runs throughout the whole bar but never becomes too overpowering.

Hotel Chocolat Banana & Caramel Bar

The flavour is definitely subtle, but not so subtle that you can't taste it, the banana flavour is always there, lingering in the background and I can say that thankfully it doesn't taste artificial whatsoever!

This is one of the only banana flavoured bars that I have found that I have actually enjoyed; therefore it will be deeply upsetting when this is most likely removed from Hotel Chocolat's range to make way for Autumn/Winter items...maybe I should stock up whilst I can!

Taste - 8.4/10 - The quality and overall flavour of Hotel Chocolat's chocolate is always superb. The banana flavour is subtle but present and blends deliciously with their new white chocolate + classic caramel milk.
Texture - 8/10 - Smooth creamy melt whilst the crystallised banana pieces add a nice crunch here and there.
Appearance - 7.8/10 - Sleek, elegant and sophisticated looking.
Price - 7.4/10 - Priced at £1.95 for a 35g bar it is obviously more expensive to your usual commerical bar but this isn't one to eat on the go when you're in need of  sweet treat. Take it home and enjoy it fully!
Overall - 7.9/10- Heaven!
WHO FOR?A bar for those with a sweeter tooth!

WHERE TO BUY?In Hotel Chocolat's stores or online here.


  1. Hmmm don't often go to hotel chocolate but may do this sounds amazing from your review. What are the other flavours in the summer offering?

    1. Oh, Hotel Chocolat is my favourite accessible chocolate brand - I don't think you can beat it in terms of quality with a not too steep price.
      They also did a Orange & Elderflower milk chocolate bar, an Earl Grey & Lemon Dark chocolate bar, a Mint & Chilli Dark chocolate bar and a Raspberry & Pomegranate milk chocolate bar. You can buy all 5 for £10 in this set here - http://www.hotelchocolat.com/uk/shop/gift-ideas/summer/unique-chocolates