Sunday, 25 August 2013

Poco Dolce Hazelnut Bittersweet Bar

I am still working my way through the large stash of chocolates that I picked up when I was in L.A; whenever I'm abroad I like to buy a wide array of chocolates from cute novelties to higher end artisan dark chocolate bars.

Poco Dolce Hazelnut Bittersweet Bar

One of the bars I picked up was a Hazelnut Bittersweet chocolate bar from Poco Dolce, a hand crafted chocolate company based in San Fransisco. The hazelnut bar immediately appealed to me - "smooth Oregon hazelnut butter and a touch of grey sea salt folded into bittersweet chocolate", it sounded absolutely delicious.

Although costing around $7 for one bar it was only a small 50g format; but with richer chocolates such as these less is needed to get the desired satisfaction. Considering it contained hazelnut butter I was hoping for a really creamy smooth melt and that is exactly what I got, on visual appearance it looked like the bar would be drying as it had a slight matte finish to it. However what I saw and what I experienced were completely different.

Poco Dolce Hazelnut Bittersweet Bar

Sumptuous and melt in the mouth with the delightful tang of sea salt just before your cube of chocolate disappears this is a delicious chocolate bar, whilst the bittersweet chocolate is exactly that, "bittersweet", not too dark for milk chocolate aficionados but not so sweet that it would put dark chocolate lovers off.

Poco Dolce Hazelnut Bittersweet Bar

My only disappointment was that although this bar was described as "hazelnut" and contained hazelnut butter, which contributed to the texture, it didn't actually taste of nuts whatsoever. Of course I knew it wasn't going to be like a rich filled praline but I was hoping for a slightly nutty flavour..unfortunately I didn't get anything of the sort.

A lovely chocolate bar, which pulls out all the stops texture wise but lacks a bit in the nutty flavour department.

Taste - 6.3/10 - The perfect balance between sweet/dark and probably a good bar to ease yourselves into the higher cocoa percentages; however was let down by the fact there wasn't much of a hazelnut flavour.
Texture - 8.6/10 - The melt was sublime, heaven.
Appearance - 6.9/10 - Simple & unassuming.
Price - 6.4/10  - At around $7 for a single bar I don't think I would buy it again but it was nice to try as a one off.
Overall - 7/10 - Great texture but not nutty enough for my liking considering it was described as "hazelnut".
WHO FOR?A good bar to try if you're wanting to slowly ease yourself into darker bars with higher cocoa percentages.

WHERE TO BUY?I picked mine up when I was in America but you can buy 4 bars for $24.00 on their website; however I don't think they offer international shipping.

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