Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ritter Sport Coconut

It's not often in the UK that we are graced with the presence of a new Ritter Sport bar; however in the past couple of months we have been met with not one but two! First there was the Neapolitan Wafer bar and a few weeks ago in my local Sainsburys I spotted this new Coconut bar, adorned with NEW in bright blue writing jutting out from the shelf.

Ritter Sport Coconut

I'm a bit iffy with coconut, I cannot understand the concept as to why anyone would go out and buy a Bounty fact I don't think I have EVER seen anyone go out and buy a Bounty; what with all the delicious chocolate bars on offer as to why someone would opt for a dry coconut snack is beyond my imagination. However I decided "hey, why not?" I may as well give it a go.

It comes in the usual Ritter Sport square block style format with their usual milk chocolate whilst the filling is more of a coconut cream centre as opposed to a dry flaky texture; however it still does have coconut flakes scattered throughout it. What with the recent heatwave we have been experiencing in Britain even though this bar had been stored in my normal chocolate stash cupboard it was pretty soft when I opened it.

Ritter Sport Coconut

I knew instantly what it reminded me of, that creamy centre, the milk tastes pretty much identical to the Limited Edition Coconut Lindor Balls that Lindt brought out earlier this year. So if you liked them and can't get your fix anymore, well then you're in for a bit of luck!

Ritter Sport Coconut

If you love coconut then you may be able to eat a lot of this bar in one go, but I found that after one strip it started to become exceedingly sickly and I had to put it away. It's not that it was awful but it just didn't have the same moreish quality so many other chocolate products possess.

Taste - 6/10 - Nice for a couple of squares but too sickly after that.
Texture - 7.7/10 - Creamy, melt in your mouth.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Standard Ritter Sport format.
Price - 7.7/10 - I paid £1.10 for this which is certainly a lot cheaper than Lindt's Coconut Lindors.
Overall - 7.2/10 - Nice as a one off but wouldn't purchase again.
If you LOVE anything coconut then you'll adore this; if you're not such a huge fan I wouldn't waste your time with this bar.

WHERE TO BUY?I picked mine up at Sainsburys.

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  1. This is one of my fave Ritter bars, but I know what you mean about how it gets sickly after too many pieces. I think it's the vegetable fat in the filling that causes that.