Friday, 30 August 2013

The Chocolate Tree Peruvian 68% Criollo Dark Chocolate Bar

Crillo chocolate is pretty much the cream of the crop; top notch, excellent beans which usually produce sublime bars. Across the world only 5% of cocoa trees are of the Criollo variety - not only are they difficult to grow but also produce a lower yield of cocoa beans, meaning that they can't be used for mass produced chocolates and are usually used to produce single origin artisan chocolate bars.

The Chocolate Tree 68% Peruvian Dark Chocolate Bar 

 I was lucky enough to receive this lovely 68% Peruvian dark chocolate bar from The Chocolate Tree; a Scottish Artisan chocolate company. The bar came in a small, sleek format and consisted of a geometric style finish of thinner/thicker blocks with a ornate flower design.

Details of the conch/roast process can be found on the back of the bar for those who are interested - this bar had a 72hour conch (the longer the conch process usually the better the flavour development/smoothness of the bar) and a medium roast.

I cannot fault this bar in terms of its flavour complexity; as the chocolate slowly melted in my mouth I picked up a wide array of flavours as the bar moved through its various profiles. It started with a rich,earthy, deep cocoa flavour before leading way to lighter better & cherry notes and finishing on a light citrus tang which left the palate relatively cleansed and ready for the next piece!

The Chocolate Tree 68% Peruvian Dark Chocolate Bar 

The only thing that I would have liked would have been if this bar had a richer buttery melt; I know Peruvian bars aren't usually ganache/truffle-esque in terms of texture; that's normally Venezuelan bars, but this bar had a rather drying melt. Despite this at least it was VERY smooth; not a grainy piece to be found here.

If you're looking for a good quality dark chocolate bar that no doubt delivers in every aspect on flavour then look no further!

Taste - 8.3/10 - Delicious, complex and well balanced.
Texture - 6.3/10 - Very smooth but not rich enough for my liking.
Appearance -7.7/10 - Smooth finish & ornate design.
Price - 7.1/10 - The Chocolate Tree's bars are priced around £6.00 for their Artisan Bean to Bar bars and you get a good 90g!
Overall - 7.4/10 - A very good quality high end chocolate bar.
WHO FOR?Dark Chocolate connoisseurs who enjoy complex bars with lots of different flavours.


Although The Chocolate Tree don't have their 68% bar available online they do have a 70% & 80% Peruvian Bar available.

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  1. Sounds good although I'm not a big fan of artisan chocolate I like to keep my chocolate simple and artificial.