Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fairy Tale Gourmet - Mini Tweedle Twins

You might remember sometime ago we reviewed some delicious cakes and chocolate eggs from a company known as "Lucky's London" - well that was well over 2 years ago and things have certainly moved on from then. Now known as "Fairy Tale Gourmet" their product range has expanded into a range of delicious "fairy tale themed" delights.

Fairy Tale Gourmet Mini Tweedle Twins

I was fortunate enough to have been sent some of their mini Tweedle Twin jars to try - 5 different flavours to be precise. Each consists of either a crumbed shortbread biscuit or chocolate cake base and then topped with a creamy sumptuous topping and all have a net weight of 40g.

When I received them I couldn't decide which one to try first - they all sounded so good, and the fact that you get to eat them with a cute dinky spoon that comes with them makes the experience seem even more fun!
I had taken photos of all 5 but my camera seemed it didn't want to upload those of Toffee Groove + Dreamy Lemon so I've used those provided by Fairy Tale Gourmet's website.

Toffee Groove

sea salted soft caramel topping on 70% cocoa dark chocolate cake

Tweedle Twins - Toffee Groove

The 70% dark chocolate cake used was so moist whilst the sea salted caramel was thick but still runny/gooey; not too sweet with a lovely salty tang. Heaven!

Dreamy Lemon
white chocolate & lemon ganache with poppy seeds topping, on lime shortbread

Tweedle Twins - Dreamy Lemon

I thought this would be one of my less favoured options; it actually turned out to be my favourite. It is so good! A crumbed lime shortbread biscuit base topped with a creamy white chocolate and lemon ganache just makes it the ultimate creamy, dreamy, fruity treat! The poppy seeds added a nice crunch and it kind of reminded me of eating a really good cheesecake apart from the topping was obviously a lot softer and ganache based.

Cocoa Bros

rich double chocolate & hazelnuts topping, on 70% cocoa dark chocolate cake

Fairy Tale Gourmet Mini Tweedle Twins

If you're looking for a rich and indulgent treat then this is it. The combination of the thick chocolate ganache and the dark chocolate cake is gorgeous; whilst the chocolate ganache is flecked with pieces of hazelnut that adds a lovely crunch now and then. Yum!

Berry Velvet
white chocolate & raspberry topping, on vanilla red shortbread

Fairy Tale Gourmet Mini Tweedle Twins

Again, as with the Dreamy Lemon I wasn't sure whether I would be a fan of the fruitier ones; how wrong could I be as this was equally as good! The shortbread biscuit base is crumbed and dyed red before being topped with a creamy white chocolate & raspberry topping. The white chocolate adds a delightful sweetness but the raspberry stops it becoming too cloying by adding a lovely tang.

Choc Ditto
rich double chocolate topping, on vanilla shortbread Fairy Tale Gourmet Mini Tweedle Twins

Another richer offering; although not as rich as Cocoa Bros due to the vanilla shortbread base as opposed to chocolate cake. However the double chocolate ganache topping is incredibly sumptuous and reminded me of eating the most decadent chocolate cake filling you could probably find.

I was seriously impressed with all of Fairy Tale Gourmet's offerings - not only are they unique and novel (I mean really who doesn't love the idea of eating a cute dinky cake out of a jar) but they taste amazing!! Personally I preferred the ones with the shortbread biscuit base instead of the cake; but that was just down to flavour preference and either way they're delicious.

I can see these being a perfect idea for a party/wedding or even to treat yourself to something a bit different for a dessert/treat at home.

Taste - 8.6/10 - Superb, high quality and delicious!
Texture - 8.9/10 - The ganaches are rich and smooth; the shortbread crunchy and light & the cake delightfully moist.
Appearance - 9.3/10- Beautiful & love the little spoons that accompany them!
Price 7.1/10 - Priced at £13.95 for 6 they work out at around £2.30 a jar - it is quite expensive but I'd say they're certainly worth it.
Overall - 8.5/10 - Novel, innovative and delicious. I couldn't get enough!

I can see these being a perfect treat for a birthday/party/wedding but would also be great for a present or just to treat yourself!

You can purchase these from Fairy Tale Gourmet's website and even better they're currently running a Kickstarter funding project where if you donate some money they'll send you one of their other delicious treats before Christmas - you can donate HERE.


  1. I don't think I've ever wanted to climb inside my laptop more - great review!

  2. I'm a big fan of Fairytale Gourmet's Tweedle Twins and my personal favourite is Tropical Breeze - Fab review!