Monday, 28 October 2013

Cadbury's Giant Crunchy Spider

With it only being a few days until Halloween I thought it would only be appropriate to post something creepily suitable; you may have seen my review a few posts back about Cadbury's Halloween products this year, one of these being the Crunchy Spider.

Cadbury Crunchy Spider for Halloween

Now this year Cadbury's have made a giant female spider, complete with their Crunchy Spiders & a sack of 200 Cadbury's Screme Eggs, standing at 1.5 metres tall it is over 39 times the size of a typical black widow spider...not something I would want to meet in my house being as terrified of spiders as I am! Luckily this one is made of chocolate!

Cadbury Crunchy Spider for Halloween - close up2

If you're not too petrified of spiders and you think seeing one made of chocolate rather than their usual hairy bodies then all you need to do is head down to the London Bridge Experience where this deliciously frightful spider is from 25th-31st October. I can imagine it would be a great day out for all of those who live down south for something a bit different to do this Halloween, whether you're a kid or a big kid at heart!

Cadbury Crunchy Spider for Halloween - close up1

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  1. I used to work near the Tower of London so I would have definitely popped down there ;o)