Friday, 11 October 2013

Cadbury's Halloween - Screme Eggs/Crunchy Spiders

It will only be a few more weeks until Halloween is upon us; every year it seems that here in the UK we are starting to make a bigger deal of it. Don't get me wrong we're not full blown out American mad over it yet but we are starting to see more decorations and definitely more limited edition food products.

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

Cadbury's have once again brought out a chocolate Halloween range and today we have their chocolate Crunchy Spiders and their 'Screme Egg' - a different take on the classic Creme Egg we have grown to know and love at Easter.

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

The Crunchy Spider comes in either two designs - a more terrifying , evil looking grey spider and a more feminine kinder looking pink spider; both are made with Cadbury's lower grade chocolate that is often used to make Easter Eggs etc. Therefore you'll find these products are a tad sweeter than the usual Dairy Milk, but personally I quite enjoy the flavour, when I fancy something sweet!

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

The 'spider' theme is continued through onto the actual body of the chocolate with embossing to make it look like the spider's hairy body. The chocolate is thick & satisfying and benefits nicely from the green crunchy rice pieces that are flecked around inside; they add for a nice crunchy texture contrast without being too obtrusive.

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider
Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

I can definitely see that these would go down an absolute treat both in trick or treat bags or for a scary yet delicious looking buffet food for a Halloween party!

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

Now, if you've ever tried a Creme Egg before, firstly, where have you been!? Secondly, you'll know exactly what the following product tastes like - the only difference is the scarier looking green/black wrapping and rather than the usual yellow fondant centre, it's green.

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

I'm sure Screme Eggs/Creme Eggs seem to get smaller every year but they're still a great little chocolate snack, they're extremely sweet, I mean the filling is pretty much pure fondant glucose - however they're the type of things I know many kids and adults go crazy for, and I must admit myself, I did rather enjoy the feelings of nostalgia I had whilst tucking into one.

Cadburys Halloween Screme Egg/Crunchy Spider

They're not the type of thing you could eat multiple of with them being so sweet, but I know for sure that if I was having a Halloween Party these would be going in a big bowl on the table! Also if you love Creme Eggs you may as well stock up on these, to tide you through until they most likely make their appearance again...on Boxing Day....

Taste - 7.5/10 - Both tasty, sweet, chocolate satisfying products that both kids and adults will love.
Texture - 7.3/10 - Spider is good and chunky with nice crunchy flecked rice pieces. The Screme Egg fondant is smooth with a good thick chocolate coating.
Appearance - 8.4/10 - Both look ideal for either a Halloween party or even just to pop in Trick or Treat bags.
Price - 6.4/10 - The spiders are priced at 65p each, whilst the Screme Eggs are 69p..I think the Spiders probably offer better value for money than the Screme Eggs here.
Overall - 7.4/10 - Great novelty Halloween chocolates at an affordable price.
Great for a kid's Halloween party.

WHERE TO BUY?Most major supermarkets/retailers.

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