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Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

I'm not lucky enough to have a Godiva store near me and it always seems like the ones I've tried in the UK haven't really lived up to expectations. Whilst I was recently browsing the USA site however I came across a new product - "truffle flights". Consisting of 6 different themed truffles it is meant to be like a tasting experience, working your way up through the different flavours.

Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

I was fortunate enough to be brought back 2 boxes of Truffle Flights - one cake themed and the other nut themed. I will be reviewing the Cake Truffle Flight first : consisting of Birthday Cake, Pineapple Hummingbird, Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Lava Cake & Lemon Chiffon.

Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

If you've never had a Godiva truffle before then you're in for a surprise, these aren't your dainty little truffles, they're big, substantial and extremely satisfying. I love how they all have a slightly chewy dense texture to them! However due to their size it does mean that they pack a bit of a calorie punch, one truffle has 105 kcal and 7g fat! Which is why I thought the whole Truffle Flight thing was a bit flawed..if its meant to be a tasting experience in one sitting then surely eating the whole box is going to be a bit much..630kcal and 42g fat..I'd rather not thank you. I ended up eating these in twos.

Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

As advised I started with the Birthday Cake flavour appropriately decorated with sprinkles. I was hoping for a really strong, buttery, cakey flavour, unfortunately I felt this was pretty flavourless and other than the chewy sumptuous texture didn't really have much going for it.

The Pineapple Hummingbird was slightly better but considering it was meant to have banana & pineapple flavours to it I didn't think they really stood out and again was sort of just a sweet chocolate flavour rather than anything specific.

Godiva Cake Truffle Flight


Cheesecake faired much better and in fact I'd probably say this was my favourite chocolate of the box; the cheesecake truffle centre was smooth & creamy with light sweet vanilla notes and a slight cheesecake tang. Yum.
Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

Unfortunately Red Velvet didn't taste of particularly much; I know it's meant to be a light chocolate flavour but it didn't really feel like there was much there whatsoever. Instead of the thicker truffle textures this was more like a ganache, meaning overall it was extremely average.

Godiva Cake Truffle Flight
Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

The Chocolate Lava Cake did pack more of a "chocolate punch" with its liquid chocolate centre and dark chocolate coating; still, for it being a darker chocolate it was overwhelmingly sweet. Nevertheless it was still quite an enjoyable chocolate.

Godiva Cake Truffle Flight

Finally the "Truffle Flight" ended up a light refreshing Lemon Chiffon Cake Truffle to cleanse the palate and I can thankfully say that the box of truffles ended on a good note! The Lemon Chiffon Cake was chewy, gooey, satisfying and had a lovely sweet lemon flavour  that left you with a pleasantly refreshed mouth!

Overall you can see that this box was a bit of a hit/miss. I can understand what Godiva were trying to achieve with this product but I think due to the sheer size of the truffles you can't really fully enjoy what the experience is meant to be as you are unlikely to eat them all in one sitting. Also lots of the truffles were lacking a bit in flavour and could have lived up to their descriptions a bit more. Ultimately I wouldn't pay $16 for this..the truffles work out at well over $2 a piece!! Hopefully the Nut Lovers Truffle Flight should fair a bit better.

Taste - 5.2/10 - Average, some were okay but when the descriptions sound so delicious, ultimately you are left feeling let down.
Texture - 7.5/10 - I love the chewy substantial textures of Godiva's truffles.
Appearance - 7.3/10 - They look like a really nice box of chocolates complete with good nutritional info + menu.
Price - 5/10 - Definitely not worth over $2 a truffle.
Overall - 6.2/10 - No where near as good as I was hoping.
Anyone who likes a good substantial chocolate! Would be a nice gift as oppose to something I would buy for myself.

Godiva in the U.S. in store or online here.

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