Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors

With it only being a couple of weeks away until Halloween you'll have no doubt been seeing scary, novelty products popping up everywhere, intermingled with the Christmas products.
Hotel Chocolat have once again brought out a Halloween range and I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous Little Bag of Horrors to sample & review.

Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors

Packaged in neat purple wrapping inside you'll find a 40% milk chocolate slab adorned with a white chocolate ghost, a tiddly milk chocolate vampire & 2 liquid caramel oozing eyes, complete with a red liquid caramel centre.

Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors

I don't need to say how good Hotel Chocolat's chocolate actually is; their products, in my opinion, are always of outstanding quality. The milk chocolate actually has a good rich cocoa depth whilst still being sweet enough to satisfy younger tastes; whilst their filled chocolates are always exceptional.

Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors

They always go that step further towards making a product extra special in terms of novelty approach and this can certainly be seen here what with the deliciously gory oozing liquid caramel eyes; they look every bit the spooky part but also taste incredible!

Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors
Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors

The milk chocolate/white chocolate ghostly slab is thick, satisfying and perfect for a ghoulish evening treat..or if you fancy something a bit smaller the tiddly vampire is also great! If you're having a Halloween party this year I think these would be great to hand out to kids to keep them occupied for the night or as a Halloween gift. The bag is quite expensive, £7 for only 90g of chocolate but in terms of the whole presentation and execution of the product, if you're looking for something more than just your generic trick or treat bags this year then this is perfect.

Hotel Chocolat Little Bag of Horrors
Taste - 8.4/10 - Hotel Chocolat's chocolate is always delicious and of a high standard, creamy, milky but with some great cocoa depth.
Texture - 7.6/10 - Smooth delicious melt and the liquid caramel centre in the eyes is gorgeous.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Lovely novelty approach.
Price - 6.1/10 - £7 is quite expensive but for a gift I can see the appeal.
Overall - 7.4/10 - A spooky yet delicious Halloween treat.
WHO FOR?Perfect for kids at a Halloween party.

In Hotel Chocolat stores or via their website here.

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