Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Collection - Various Goodies!

As Christmas is quickly approaching, only 13 days now, I thought I'd put together a bit of a larger but succinct post to quickly round up on some of the festive treats you can pick up off the supermarket shelves this Christmas.

Loads of them would make great little stocking fillers and won't break the bank!

Galaxy Gift For You White Chocolate - 7/10


I tried the classic Galaxy Gift For You last year but was intrigued at this new white chocolate offering; Mars don't make any specific white chocolates as such so I was interested to see what their blend of white chocolate would be like.
Creamy, milky and a slight vanilla flavour. Thankfully not too sweet and the bubbly centre makes a lighter element to the whole thing. I wonder whether this is the start of a solid white chocolate Galaxy bar to come?
One for the sweet tooth lovers.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman - 5.4/10



When I first saw this little guy I had such high expectations; a creamy vanilla mousse centre..well I just thought it was going to be spectacular. Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down; the centre was more firm and just reminded me of a less good version of the Cadbury's Vanilla Bliss Bar that was out a few years ago. I also felt that Cadbury's could have gone a bit more to town on the design; he's not really all that cute!
One for a quick festive pick me up.

Mars Merryteaser - 6.1/10



So you have most likely seen the Malteaster bunny that pops up around Easter time; well this thing is exactly the same apart from they've named it "Merryteaser" and its in the shape of a reindeer rather than a bunny. I am quite partial to a Malteser; in fact I'd go as far as to say I love them. However I don't really enjoy the format like this; although the malt flavour is there and there are little crunchy nibbly bits I found the whole thing a bit overwhelmingly sweet.
One for the kids.

Cadburys Wishes Sharing Bag - 6/10 + Single Format - 7.1/10



The single Cadburys Wishes have been out for a couple of years now but the sharing bag is a new addition to the range. The single Wishes star is thick and chunky with a chocolate bubbly truffle centre; creamy sweet and feels indulgent! Great for enjoying with a warm drink on a cold festive evening!

Christmas Chocolate Collection

Christmas Chocolate Collection

The Wishes Sharing Bag is a bit different in the sense that there are two different types of stars contained inside; one is a truffle variety the other solid chocolate. To be honest there is little difference between the truffle/solid chocolate and the quantity was definitely biased to the latter..pretty disappointing in all fairness. If you're going to go for either I'd opt for the single format and get a hefty truffle star!
One for the adults.

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