Monday, 9 December 2013

Duke of Delhi Milk Chocolate & Orange Delhi Mix Bar

Not too long ago I was contacted by Duke of Delhi to see whether I would like to try some of their unusual Bombay style mix chocolate bars. Instantly I thought that this sounded like a unique and different combination; quite often we've seen all matter of crispy and crunchy pieces added to chocolate bars but I've never infact seen a Bombay style mix added before. I was intrigued.

Duke of Delhi Milk Chocolate Orange Bombay Mix Chocolate

Kindly enough they sent me out a wide different range of bars to try (but as always my opinion is always my own!). What it with it being the festive season I was immediately drawn to the milk chocolate orange bar; there's something about Christmastime that just gets me craving chocolate & orange combinations!

It's lovely to see that the chocolate used to make these bars is actually good quality; with cocoa solids of 32% the milk chocolate in this bar is delightful. It's creamy and smooth, with lovely milky sweet flavours and the orange oil that has been used to create the orange flavour gives it a gorgeous overall orange taste. There's no artificial flavours to be had here; just lovely fresh fruity notes.

Duke of Delhi Milk Chocolate Orange Bombay Mix Chocolate

So what about the Delhi Mix element - this makes up 18% of the bar and consists of "puffed rice, vegetable oil, gram flour, salt, turmeric and chilli"..and you know what its actually really good!! Firstly it adds a lovely texture contrast to the bar, all those yummy little nibbly bits! Secondly I love how its not too overpowering but adds another element to the bar with background spices and a little chilli kick to contrast from that fruity orange flavour!

Duke of Delhi Milk Chocolate Orange Bombay Mix Chocolate

I have a feeling out of all the bars I've been sent that this one may well be my favourite; the orange and spice mix flavours just work so well together! An unusual but delicious idea.

Taste - 8.2/10 - Lovely creamy milk chocolate, fresh fruity orange + subtle spice.
Texture - 8.1/10 - Smooth chocolate + tasty nibbly bits from the Delhi mix.
Appearance - 7.6/10 - Bar looks elegant, with lovely packaging.
Price - 9/10 - £3.00 a bar is an absolute bargain + every 7% of their profit goes towards the Elephant Family fund towards saving the habitat for elephants, ethical and delicious!
Overall - 8.2/10 - Delicious!
I'm going to say this is probably for adults as oppose to children, but kids may enjoy trying something a bit different compared to their standard milk chocolate.

Sold at Fortnum and Mason, Surrey Hill Butchers and online here.

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