Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fairy Tale Gourmet Mad Hatter Mallow Mania Chocolate Brownie

Firstly I hope everyone had a great Christmas, filled with chocolate and that you are all set up to have a great New Year's Eve this evening! This will  be the last post of 2013 and what a year it has been for chocolate; lots of exciting new products that hopefully will be topped in 2014!!

The last review for this year is one a Fairytale Gourmet product that I've been wanting to review a while; I always love their products..so innovative/novel yet also extremely high quality and delicious!
The Mallow Mania Mad Hatter Chocolate Brownie consists of a rich, gooey, thick indulgent chocolate brownie 'infused' with marshmallows and coated with a 35% white chocolate.

Fairytale Gourmet Mad Hatter Mallow Mania Chocolate Brownie

To me, this sounds like my idea of heaven, I never used to be a huge fan of white chocolate but this year I've started to enjoy it more and more...and well marshmallows and chocolate brownie?! Need I ask for more?!

The brownie comes in a fairy hefty size, enough to do one big serving or a couple of smaller ones. Cutting the brownie in half I was however left a tad disappointed; unlike the picture on the website it didn't look like my brownie had been particularly 'infused' with marshmallows..in fact it looked like they had been omitted altogether..there was only a slight hint of a marshmallow covering on the top; almost like a marshmallow fluff.

Fairytale Gourmet Mad Hatter Mallow Mania Chocolate Brownie

I'm not sure whether this is what they are meant to be like, or whether I just got a dud one..either way I would have liked to see a few more marshmallows for an avid marshmallow lover like myself..I was expecting ooey gooey sweetness in the centre.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of marshmallows this was still incredibly delicious. The white chocolate was creamy with nice vanilla hints and the chocolate brownie..well as you know from previous reviews of Fairytale Gourmet the quality of their brownie is spot on. Gooey, fudgy and ever so chocolatey!

Fairytale Gourmet Mad Hatter Mallow Mania Chocolate Brownie

A nice indulgent treat but a bit of an anti-climax in terms of the marshmallow centre.

Taste -7/10 - Was still really tasty but didn't really have any flavour/quantity of marshmallows in it.
Texture - 8.3/10 - Brownie texture is spot on, fudgy, dense and luxurious.
Appearance - 6.7/10 - Looks beautiful; it would have been good if more marshmallows could have been seen in the centre like the picture on the website however.
Price - 6.4/10 - Priced at £6.95 this isn't particularly cheap; I'd say there's probably better flavours you could opt for.
Overall - 7.1/10-Would have been perfect if there had been extra marshmallows!
WHO FOR?An indulgent treat for big kids!

Via Fairytale Gourmet's website here.

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