Tuesday, 14 January 2014

House of Dorchester Hamper

I recently had the pleasure of being sent a bundle load of goodies from the lovely folks at House of Dorchester; although they've been around on the chocolate market for quite a while now they have recently revamped their range with a whole new sophisticated look + some new delicious treats for people to get their hands on.

House of Dorchester Review

I have reviewed some of the chocolates included in the hamper in a separate post; so I shall just give an overview in general of some of the lovely new bits n bobs you can pick up.

Dessert Collection House of Dorchester Review

House of Dorchester Review

Presented in a dainty looking pink box this selection includes pistachio mousse, milk caramel heart and strawberry cheesecake. I remember trying these last time round in one of House of Dorchester's selections and they're lovely. Not too pretentious but down to earth simple chocolates that everyone should enjoy. My personal favourite was the pistachio mousse; although I would say it was more a truffle texture as oppose to mousse.

Rose & Violet Connossiuer Collection House of Dorchester Review

An assortment of rose and violet creams lurk inside this box; I don't feel that reviewing them I could particularly doing them justice as I am not a huge fan of floral chocolates to begin with. They are pretty sweet but thankfully due to the dark chocolate exterior they manage to give an overall balanced flavour.

Luxury Dark Assortment House of Dorchester Review

House of Dorchester Review

For those of you that don't have a huge sweet tooth it can be particularly annoying when you are graced with a chocolate selection where a predominant amount of them are coated in white/sickly sweet milk chocolate. Thankfully House of Dorchester have created a chocolate selection all adorned with a richer, deeper, dark chocolate. Containing a huge array of chocolates from praline rosette to pecan parfait there is something in here for everyone..even if you're not a huge fan of dark chocolate some of the fillings inside these chocolates would make up for it!

Stir in Hot Chocolates - Mini Marshmallow & Sea Salt Caramel House of Dorchester Review

Another House of Dorchester classic, the mini marshmallow variety has been on the scene for quite a while now. However it's nice to see a new addition in the form of sea salt caramel. A good thick milk chocolate base attached to a spoon makes for a perfect treat to stir into a warm glass of milk. They make for a perfect indulgent hot chocolate; especially the mini marshmallow variety in which you also get the extra of a bunch of melted mini marshmallows!

Gingerbread Drinking Chocolate Flakes House of Dorchester Review

Speaking of hot chocolate and the cold weather that we are facing at the moment I was delighted to see a new drinking chocolate flakes flavour. What could be better than the warming spices of gingerbread to warm you up on a cold winter's night?! Depending on how indulgent you're feeling you can add as many chocolate flakes as you like; even if you're not big on hot chocolate they make a great extra topping that you could put on top of almost anything - from ice cream to even porridge!

Champagne Mini Truffles Selection
House of Dorchester Review

As part of House of Dorchester's recent revamp they have introduced a range of "self indulgent" mini selections; consisting of 3 chocolates packed in a neat little box. They make a great "gift to yourself" and come in a mint, dessert & champagne variety. The champagne is light and thankfully not too overpowering that blends in well with the sweet, creamy, white and milk chocolate.

British Salted Milk Chocolate Bar
House of Dorchester Review

Out of all the products contained in the hamper this was the one I was looking forward to trying most; as I hadn't actually sampled it before. The caramel milk chocolate makes for a sweeter, richer alternative to a classic milk chocolate notes. Reminiscent of Hotel Chocolat's caramel chocolate variety, this is also adorned with flakes of Anglesey sea salt adding that nice salty tang at the end of the melt. If you're looking for a bit of an upmarket chocolate bar to satisfy your chocolate craving then look no further.

However do not fear, you do not only get the chance to read about this delicious new House of Dorchester hamper, because of already sampling a few of the products already I have some to give away to you lucky readers!! All you have to do is simply Follow + RT @LotoChoc on Twitter!
WHO FOR?There's definitely something for everyone in House of Dorchester's range!.

You can pick these up at John Lewis or online at www.hodchoc.com

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  1. Wow what an awesome bunch of goodies to be sent! I've not tried any HoD stuff except I believe they make some of the ChokaBlok products for Tesco and I LOVE those! I really like the sound of the Dessert Collection.