Saturday, 1 February 2014

Baru Almond & Pecan Pralines

Over Christmastime I spent a lot of time perusing various websites looking for novel chocolate items that I had not seen before; ready to compile a list for anyone who needed gift ideas for myself - it's a fact that chocolate always goes down well with me.

I'd never heard of Baru prior to this and with further investigation I learned that they were a Belgian chocolate company producing their chocolates by hand in small batches and sold across various department stores in the UK. Their range of chocolates sounded enticing enough as it was but it was the cute little hippo on the packaging that really got me - as we all know I'm a sucker for anything cute.

Baru Almond & Pecan Praline Hippos

I kindly requested a few of their products as gifts from family members for Christmas and I was lucky enough to receive them; this is the first product out of the range that I tried and consists of 3 cute hippo shaped almond and pecan pralines.

Each one came individually wrapped, which I think is a really nice touch, and was perfectly shaped into a cute smiling hippo (almost too cute to eat!).

Baru Almond & Pecan Praline Hippos

I always set my standards for pralines extremely high; they're my favourite chocolates so anything "praline-esque" has to be good for me to even consider eating more than one of them. Thankfully it's safe to say these are delicious. The praline texture is exactly how it should be; smooth, sumptuous and rich.

There's no horrible grainy texture nor is there an overwhelming sugar flavour; they are delightfully balanced between nutty/sweet; I wouldn't say that the almond or pecan flavours are particularly strong but you can tell that it's not simply just hazelnuts knocking about in there.

Baru Almond & Pecan Praline Hippos

The best part? How thick and satisfying each one of these is; you quite easily satisfy a good chocolate craving with these - unlike many other flimsier pralines knocking around.

Taste - 7.9/10 - A pleasant surprise; lightly nutty and sweet.
Texture - 8.4/10 - Thick and chunky with a gorgeously smooth interior.
Appearance - 9.4/10 - Individually wrapped praline shaped hippos - could they be any cuter?!
Price - 5.1/10 - £4.10 for a pack of 3 pralines is extremely expensive; would I buy them for myself? Maybe. I'd say they're more suitable as a gift.
Overall - 7.7/10 - A cute novel delicious praline.
Definitely would make a great gift for children and adults alike.

I picked mine up from John Lewis but for full details and online ordering you can check out Baru's website.

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