Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Harrods Cirque du Sweet Curious Chocolate Selection

Being the chocolate lover that I am its pretty much common knowledge that for a gift chocolate is always ideal for me; however sometimes they find it a bit of a struggle in terms of surprise factor as it often seems to them that I've tried/seen everything.

Harrod's Cirque du Sweet Chocolates

I was pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning last year then when I unwrapped these Harrod's Cirque du Sweet chocolate selection; not being from down South I don't often get to venture there so I'd never seen this chocolate selection before.

Harrod's Cirque du Sweet Chocolates

I'm not sure where the whole "cirque du sweet" theme came from but they looked colourful, appetising and with them being from Harrods I was hoping delicious! The first thing that deterred me however was that there was no menu - I know, I know, a lot of chocolatiers don't put menus on their chocolates but for me...I really want to know what I'm about to eat! I don't want to potentially "waste" calories eating a chocolate flavour that I don't think I would even like in the first place.

Harrod's Cirque du Sweet Chocolates

Anyway, putting my hesitations aside I decided to try the sprinkle covered chocolate first...biting into it, it was kind of like a chocolate truffle that had lost all it's flavour. Bland, thick and difficult to tell what it was even meant to be...

I moved onto the "Lego" block style chocolate....just solid white chocolate and not particularly great quality white chocolate at that. Another dud.

Harrod's Cirque du Sweet Chocolates

I decided to try a couple more; one was filled with lemon sherbet...another with strawberry sherbet...obviously meaning to represent the whole "cirque du sweet theme". However I just found them extremely unpleasant; in my opinion sherbet should NEVER EVER be put in filled truffle style chocolates - it just doesn't work!!

Although these may look something a bit novel and bear the Harrod's name they're definitely not worth the money and you'd be better off trying something else!

Taste - 4.2/10 - Not great at all, the quality of the chocolate wasn't great neither were the fillings/execution.
Texture - 4/10 - Bleugh, fizzy sherbet and stodgy fillings.
Appearance - 5/10 - The box looked pretty but the actual chocolates didn't have a great finish and there was no menu.
Price - 4.5/10 - £6.95 for these - ahem no.
Overall - 4.4/10 - Not pleasant.
These might be a fun gift idea for kids who wouldn't mind sherbet in their chocolate and may not be too concerned with the quality.

WHERE TO BUY?Harrod's in store or online here.

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