Monday, 5 May 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Banana Caramel Crisp

So this is the third and final new product in the Cadbury's Marvellous Creation range that we'll be reviewing here at Lot-O-Choc. When I first heard about it, it's safe to say I was pretty excited - I've loved all other Marvellous Creations bars - Jelly Popping Candy, Cookie Nut Crunch & Cola Pretzel Honeycomb, so I was hoping that this bar was going to be another success!

Cadburys Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Banana Caramel Crisp

I've tried a few different banana chocolate bars and found that they can be a bit hit/miss; often becoming too sickly or tasting too artificial. Within this Banana Caramel Crisp bar is the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with banana flavour candy pieces, caramel pieces and malted cereal balls.

I wasn't sure what the banana candy pieces would be like - would they be soft and chewy? Like a foamy banana. Or harder - more like one of Wonka's Runt sweets? They're kind of somewhere in the middle; like a jelly bean in texture, just not as chewy, but more soft and crumbly. The flavour is slightly artificial, but not overpoweringly so - it doesn't make the bar sickly at all.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Banana Caramel Crisp

The caramel pieces don't really play a huge part in this bar; they add a background sweetness to it but there isn't a whole lot of caramel flavour, which is a shame as I think if there had been more of a caramel flavour this could have been a really delicious, almost "banoffee pie-esque" chocolate bar.

It's a shame that the malted cereal balls constitute such a small amount of the bar - only 3% and in  the smaller 47.0g bars that I was sent I can't really say that I got many of them in; perhaps in the larger bar formats there may be more dotting around, as they were in fact really good and added a lovely crunch to the bar.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Banana Caramel Crisp

  In terms of texture this bar delivers what all of the other Marvellous Creations bars offer; a thick satisfying chocolate bar with lots of added extra goodies, and don't get me wrong it is pretty tasty also - especially if you've got a major sweet tooth. However in my opinion it  just isn't as delicious as the Jelly Popping Candy/Cookie Nut Crunch.

Taste - 6.6/10 - A relatively sweet chocolate bar with a rather strong banana flavour when eaten with the candy pieces.
Texture - 7.5/10 - Good chunky pieces; the banana candy pieces were slightly strange in terms of their soft/crumbly texture though.
Appearance - 7/10 - Pretty much your standard chocolate bar.
Price - 6.9/10 - Priced in line with other Marvellous Creations bars; would probably choose the alternatives.
Overall - 7/10 - Nice, but feel it could have been better.
WHO FOR?You've definitely got to have a sweet tooth to enjoy this bar; I can imagine kids would really love this.

WHERE TO BUY?So far I've still only seen this available at Asda.


  1. I think this will be a miss from me!

  2. which supermarkets have them?