Saturday, 7 June 2014

Askinosie White Chocolate

I remember picking this bar up quite some time ago; after hearing wonderous things about Askinosie, a small bean to bar chocolate company located in Missouri, I was more than excited to get the chance to buy some of their bars whilst I was in the U.S.

Askinosie White Chocolate

Even from the exterior it is easy to see that they are an authentic artisan chocolate producer; the light paper packaging complete with an image of one of the cocoa growers along with details of the origin of the beans used in the bar gives an air of sophistication and quality. It is no doubt that the beans used in these bars have been carefully sourced and treated to produce the chocolate you find wrapped up in the delicate paper wrappers.

It probably would have been a better idea to purchase some of their higher cocoa percentage dark bars to experience the full tasting profiles they had to offer but in all honestly when confronted with them I really wanted to try their milk and white chocolate bar - I do like my dark chocolate but at heart, milk and white would always probably trump it for me, just down to my sweet tooth!

Askinosie White Chocolate

So the first one I shall be reviewing is this white chocolate bar - there's the whole "is white chocolate actually chocolate" debate; but as long as it contains a generous amount of cocoa butter then it's definitely still chocolate in my book! This bar contains a good amount of cocoa butter, 34%, sourced from farmers in Davao in the Philippines.

The bar is split into squares with each imprinted with a letter, forming 'Askinosie Chocolate'; you can tell as soon as you snap a square off that it has a high proportion of cocoa butter in it; a richer smooth buttery texture awaits you when you pop a cube into  your mouth..but in all honesty in the first 10-20 seconds before it starts to melt properly it actually feels a bit waxy, not ideal really!

Compared to other white chocolates I've tried this was probably the least sweet of all of them; most likely due to the higher percentage of cocoa butter there is less sugar contained in the bar. It's great that it doesn't have that cloying, throat burning sweetness but I maybe would have liked a little bit more sugar just to add a bit to the flavour.

Askinosie White Chocolate

I'd probably say this bar was 'pleasantly good', not superb, nor excellent, I wouldn't immediately rush to get any more and for the amount I paid for it I probably could have made a better choice.

Taste - 6.4/10 - Nothing outstanding, probably would be better suited to those who don't have a huge sweet tooth and just want a buttery richer chocolate with less of the sometimes 'bitter' aspects associated with dark.
Texture - 6.6/10 - A bit of a waxy melt initially, it did get richer/buttery as time went on.
Appearance - 6.9/10 - The exterior wrappings are great, the actual bar itself didn't look amazing.
Price - 5.4/10 - There's no doubt that this bar is carefully produced and not bulked out with cheaper fillers; however I wouldn't pay $10.50 for 85g of this bar again.
Overall - 6.3/10 - I expected a bit more considering the price.
"Those who don't have a huge sweet tooth and just want a buttery richer chocolate with less of the sometimes 'bitter' aspects associated with dark."

I picked mine up at a food store in America; you can check out more details about the bar on their website here, but as far as I'm aware they don't ship to the UK so you may have a bit of trouble picking this one up.


  1. Sounds so disappointing..yet looks so nice! Have you tried Willie's Cacao white chocolate?

    1. No I haven't - have you? What was it like?

  2. I'd love to try this fine white chocolate! I've never had cocoa from the Phillipines before! I wonder if the goats milk changes the taste drastically in comparison to cows