Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Chocolate Smiths : Bahama Bizarre Chocolate Bar

Being from up North I often feel that we are quite deprived in terms of new chocolates; especially new chocolate companies - so I was delighted when I popped into my local Fenwicks store and saw a huge range of unusual, delicious sounding chocolate bars, produced from a Northern company!! In fact I was so excited that I picked up 3 of the bars, all of which have been tried and eaten now, but for today I'll just be reviewing this limited edition Bahama Bizarre bar.

The Chocolate Smith's : Bahama Breeze

Firstly, I love how The Chocolate Smiths are producing chocolate bars that aren't just your standard "run of the mill", it's always nice to see new, different flavours, with unusual mix ins! The Bahama Bizarre bar sounded delightful, a limited edition flavour, I presume for the summer, consisted of white chocolate filled with tropical banana jam, coconut and rum and then drizzled with a dark chocolate palm tree! Very nice!

This bar is a bit messy to eat, there's no getting away from that, as due to the sticky filling it can be quite difficult to snap off an even cube size piece, so I decided that it was easier to probably just bite it as if you would a regular sized chocolate bar. Yum! This bar is delicious! The banana filling is almost like a sticky caramel - like caramelised bananas, with a delightful hint of coconut! Luckily for me the flavour of rum isn't strong at all; there's a slight flavour of it there, but no alcoholic burn, which is something I hate, so a major win for me!

The Chocolate Smith's : Bahama Breeze

Of course the predominant chocolate in this bar is white chocolate, filled with jam, meaning that it is a very sweet bar, but not sickly, and it's great to find a chocolate bar incorporating banana that isn't ridiculously artificial tasting!

Quite often with unusual bars they can be a bit hit and miss, safe to say this bar is a major hit! I think it's unusual enough to make it interesting but also executed with flavours that are tasty and safe enough to appeal to the majority of people. I look forward to seeing what other limited edition bars The Chocolate Smiths will concoct!

The Chocolate Smith's : Bahama Breeze

Taste - 8.7/10
- Delicious, light banana flavours, tropical hints of coconut and no alcohol burn!
Texture - 7.4/10 - Sticky and a bit difficult to eat but the filling is almost like a rich sticky caramel!
Appearance - 7/10 - Love the packaging and the dark chocolate palm tree was a nice added touch.
Price - 7.8/10 - I paid £3.75 for this bar in Fenwicks which I think is pretty good value compared to what you might pay for some unusual bars.
Overall -7.7/10 This isn't a pretentious unusual bar but in fact something different yet delicious that is accessible for everyone at an affordable price.
WHO FOR?Anyone looking for something a little bit different, not your standard run of the mill.

WHERE TO BUY?I picked mine up at Fenwicks in Newcastle but you can also buy their bars online here.


  1. Keener and keener to try The Chocolate Smith's stuff with every new piece I read about the range! :)

  2. This sounds amazing - I must try it!