Saturday, 19 July 2014

William Curley Nostalgia Hazelnut Raisin Caramel Bar

I love William Curley's Nostalgia range; a range of essentially "commercial" chocolate bars jazzed up to finer levels. This Nostalgia bar is similar, in essence, to a Picnic bar; albeit hazelnuts instead of peanuts. Consisting of a milk chocolate hazelnut feullentine base with a layer of sea salt caramel, sprinkled with raisins and enrobed in 70% Toscano chocolate.

William Curley Nostalgia Hazelnut Raisin Caramel Bar

I absolutely love what William Curley has done with this bar; I'm not a massive lover of Picnic chocolate bars, I find them basic, boringly sweet and if I was going for a cheap pick me up chocolate bar there's not a chance I'd buy one. However this bar is obviously on a completely different level; the sea salt caramel has that lovely salty hint that contrasts delightfully with the sweet chewy raisins that add a great texture profile along with the milk chocolate hazelnut feullentine base.

There's the perfect mix of chewy, crunchy and smooth runny caramel all topped off with a rich delicious 70% Amedei Toscano dark chocolate. What I love about this bar is that it's neither too rich/dark nor too sweet; because of the sweeter filling the chocolate used to coat it helps provide that balance which means that it would appeal to those not only with a big sweet tooth but also those who like darker, richer chocolates.

William Curley Nostalgia Hazelnut Raisin Caramel Bar

The best thing about this chocolate bar is how satisfying it is; because great quality ingredients have been used you finish it feeling completely satisfied with no further desires to seek out any more sugary chocolate which can quite often be the case with sweeter commercial chocolate bars that this has been based on.

I highly recommend this to any individual who wants a "finer" version of an old simple classic.

William Curley Nostalgia Hazelnut Raisin Caramel Bar

Taste - 8/10 - Delicious salty caramel, praline hazelnut, sweet raisins and rich dark chocolate.
Texture - 9/10 - Great texture contrasts going on here.
Appearance - 6.8/10 - Simplistic.
Price - 7.1/10 - At £3.50 this is obviously a lot more than you would pay for a regular chocolate bar of the same weight but the quality you get here is far superior.
Overall - 7.7/10 - A great take on a commercial chocolate bar.
Any individual who wants a "finer" version of an old simple classic.

WHERE TO BUY?Any of William Curley's stores in London/Harrods or online here.


  1. This sounds fantastic...I'm definitely someone in need of some finer quality versions of old classics! I find most commercial chocolates too sweet and sickly now, none of them are what they used to be. I'd love to find some finer versions of things like Twix, Mars, Kitkat etc too.

    1. It's really good - I love the one that is meant to be like a Snickers, I think that one is my favourite. Yes I agree, I only really want commercial chocolates now if I'm in need of a real sugar hit. I think a finer version of a Mars would be incredible...or a Milky Way!

  2. Id love to try William Curley chocolate!