Sunday, 10 August 2014

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta Chocolate Selection

I was contacted recently by a new artisan chocolatier based in Lancashire - Daniel Coletta, who has recently set up a chocolate company called 'Art of Chocolat'; he produces all of his chocolates by hand, using only fresh ingredients and all his own recipes. Nothing excites me more than hearing about a new artisan chocolatier; the attention to detail, the unique recipes, so of course I was delighted to have the chance to review some of his products that are currently on sale.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta

I was sent a box of 6 chocolates - Toast & Marmalade, Eton Mess, Earl Grey & Crystallised Lemon, Bakewell Tart, Scottish Raspberry Caramel and Tarte au Citron.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta

I kicked things off with Toast & Marmalade - it seemed fitting really as I decided to first try these on a lazy Sunday morning; chocolate is completely acceptable for breakfast if essentially it's toast & marmalade right? This chocolate contained an orange marmalade centre and a milk chocolate exterior dusted with toast bits.  The orange marmalade is lovely thick texture - almost like a rich caramel with a lovely sweet yet sharp tang; I would have liked a bit more of a toast flavour however; as essentially I felt this chocolate was just a marmalade chocolate. Still good, but I think if more toast flavour could be incorporated it might just bring it up another level.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta }

Eton Mess was the next one on the agenda - white chocolate filled with a creamy vanilla ganache and a strawberry compote; utterly delicious. The ganache was smooth and melt in the mouth with a lovely sweet strawberry flavour running through the chocolate - I think it would have been great to see some more  meringue used in this chocolate just to bring the texture contrast up a bit.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta

Bakewell Tart is something that never massively appeals to me; frangipane is just one of those things I find difficult to get away with. In this chocolate though I actually found that the flavour wasn't strong enough; I found it difficult to get anything out of this chocolate actually with no flavour particularly present at all - the only one I had this problem with in the whole selection.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta

Earl Grey & Crystallised Lemon; one that I thought that I wasn't going to be a massive fan of, but in the end this actually ended up being my favourite chocolate in the whole box. A rich chocolate ganache centre flavoured with Earl Grey & Crystallised lemon; the bergamot and lemon flavours that are already present with Earl Grey  are brought up another level due to the addition of the crystallised lemon, leading to a delightful refreshingly balanced chocolate. I could have quite easily gone back for another one of these.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta

The Scottish Raspberry Caramel came as a bit of a surprise to me - I was expecting your run of the mill golden caramel with maybe pieces of raspberry, or just a raspberry flavour running through it, but biting into it I was met with a deep ruby red caramel staring out from the middle of the chocolate at me. The raspberry flavour is delicious; sharp and tangy which counterbalances with the sweet caramel perfectly, a gorgeous texture as well neither too thin nor too thick.

Chocolat by Daniel Coletta

The final chocolate I tried was the Tarte au Citron; white chocolate filled with a sharp lemon ganache, this is refreshingly sharp and tangy and a perfect chocolate for the summer months. The white chocolate works really well with this chocolate as it provides that sweetness that helps balance the chocolate overall.

All in all a great mix of chocolates here; sure there could be a few tweaks here and there but overall I'd definitely be happy to pick away at them and are certainly a step up from the run of the mill factory produced chocolates you'll see sitting on the shelves in lots of stores.

Taste - 7.9/10 - A really good mix of chocolates with interesting flavours that aren't too scary!
Texture - 8.2/10 - Lovely smooth ganaches and caramels.
Appearance - 6.3/10 - Could be slightly more pristine but for artisan chocolates that are handmade you expect that they're not going to all be picture perfect. I do think a proper menu card would be good though. 
Price - 6.6/10 - On his online boutique Daniel sells his chocolates in selections for around £12.00/£13.00 for a box of 12; so about £1.00 a chocolate. Quite reasonably priced but I just think they need a tiny bit more refinement.
Overall - 7.3/10 - An interesting new chocolatier on the scene; great quality chocolates but a few tweaks here and there could make Art of Chocolat even better - I look forward to seeing what they bring in the future.
Probably chocolates you might buy as a treat to yourself or to share around with friends but I don't think they are polished enough to buy as a luxury box of chocolates for a gift yet, with a bit more work they could be great.

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  1. The bakewell tart and raspberry caramel sounded potentially the best to me, though your thoughts on the bakewell tart is a shame!

    1. Yes the raspberry caramel was definitely interesting - shame about the bakewell tart though yes; maybe it was just one of the ones that I had.

    2. The bakewell tart chocolate is made by the infusion of home baked bakewell tarts into cream, this is then turned into a ganache and thats what gives the chocolate the bakewell tart its unique and subtle flavour, i've recieved very positive reviews of it recently, so i'm not sure why this one wasn't up to scratch in your eyes :(