Sunday, 3 August 2014

Magnum Creme Brulee in collaboration with Selfridges

Here on Lot-O-Choc we're mainly focused on chocolate reviews but if the odd product pops up that contains chocolate that we think looks interesting we'll definitely give it a go!

If you've been to Selfridges in London recently you may have noticed the huge Make My  Magnum Experience they have going on in the Wonder Room; but what may have gone unnoticed is these Creme Brulee Magnums they are selling in the food hall. Magnum have had a Creme Brulee ice cream out previously, as part of their kisses range, so I'm unsure as to why it's now in collaboration with Selfridges - I would have loved to have seen a brand new unique flavour.

Magnum Creme Brulee

I had however tried the Carte D'or Creme Brulee tub ice cream that was out not so long ago and it's safe to say that I really didn't enjoy it; the burnt flavour was far too overwhelming, it was bitter and extremely disappointing. So with Magnum being produced by the same manufacturer - Walls, I was slightly apprehensive at trying this product, as I really didn't want to be let down yet again.

Magnum Creme Brulee

Billed as a custard ice cream with caramel sauce and caramelised sugar pieces coated in milk chocolate this Magnum comes enrobed in milk chocolate and is presented in its own, very posh looking, box. It is however smaller than your standard Magnum you may pick up and is in line with the Kisses line that Magnum had out last year.

Magnum Creme Brulee

Biting into it you can see there is a generous amount of caramel sauce dispersed throughout the bar and a good amount of nibbly caramelised sugar pieces; the custard ice cream is mellow and creamy, just as a Creme Brulee should be; with no overwhelming burnt carcinogenic flavour - instead you have a lovely flavour profile of sweet caramel, mellow creamy custard and slight molasses from the caramelised sugar pieces, all finished off with a sweet milk chocolate. It's safe to say you'll have to have quite a sweet tooth to enjoy this ice cream; it's definitely not for the dark chocolate lover!

Magnum Creme Brulee

It's safe to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised with this ice cream; I headed in thinking that it was going to be like the tub incident all over again and left feeling satisfied at the product I'd bought. This is available in all Selfridges stores until the end of August so if you're wanting to try it grab it whilst you can!

Taste - 8.2/10 - A lot better than expected, will probably suit most of the general public's tastes.
Texture - 8/10 - Smooth creamy ice cream, soft caramel sauce, crunchy caramelised sugar pieces, what's not to like?
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Looks something a bit extra special in its box.
Price - 4.8/10 - The only thing I can't really understand is the price - at £3.00 it's more expensive and smaller than your general 3 pack of Magnums and when they had this out as a Kisses variety it was much cheaper - I remember paying around £1.20 for one. I guess because it's in Selfridges the price has been increased.
Overall - 7.1/10 - A pleasant tasting ice cream; the only thing that lets it down is the price but I guess as a one off special occasion £3 isn't going to break the bank.
There's nothing too out there in this product so I'm sure it'll appeal to most people.

Any Selfridges store throughout the UK.

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  1. This magnum sounds amazing when I first read that they were making creme brulee I could not wait to try it. Now I cannot believe they are not going to sell in all shops that stock other flavours. From one very disappointed lover of magnums