Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Paul A Young Salted Caramel Cream Tea

I was lucky enough recently to get the chance to try out Paul A Young's Salted Caramel Cream Tea that he has just launched at his store at Heal's off Tottenham Court Road; after being deprived of being able to try many of Paul's delights living up north it was safe to say I couldn't wait to try this out!

Paul A Young Salted Caramel Cream Tea

Paul has baked a brown sugar scone that he serves with Rodda's Clotted Cream and his own Salted Caramel Sauce complete with a wide selection of teas for you to choose from and one of his world famous Salted Caramel chocolates.

Paul A Young Salted Caramel Cream Tea

If I go for Afternoon Tea, yes I'll eat the scone but it's always the pastries that I most look forward to  - however this twist on it combines the best of both for me; it's sweet and different enough with the addition of the salted caramel sauce as opposed to jam that it appeals to my inner pastry/cake lover but yet the actually texture and flavour of the scone is still there to appeal to those who crave a good scone.

Paul A Young Salted Caramel Cream Tea

 The Salted Caramel sauce is rich, thick and sumptuous with that slight hint of salt; the cream thick, indulgent and delicious and the freshly baked scones baked directly at Paul's Heal store just top the whole thing off - oh and let's not forget the tea; although I opted for a classic green you can also get a cocoa nib tea if you're fancying something a bit more "chocolate-y"; although of course you do have Paul's delicious Sea Salted Caramel chocolate to finish things off.

Paul A Young Salted Caramel Cream Tea

Priced at £12.50 it is slightly expensive for a scone/tea/chocolate but there's no doubt that the products are high quality and offers a nice middle ground for those who don't want the full Afternoon Tea experience but fancy something on the lighter side.

Taste - 8.4/10
- An alternative take on the classic scone/jam/cream.
Texture - 8.4/10 - Lovely light, fluffy scone, thick indulgent caramel sauce and a lovely clotted cream to mellow things out.
Appearance - 7/10 - Not really much to comment on in terms of appearance. Presented nicely.
Price - 6/10 - At £12.50 it is on the tad expensive side but for a nice treat it's great.
Overall - 7.5/10  - I much preferred this to the usual take on an Afternoon Tea scone.
If you're in the area and fancy a bit of a snack after a busy day shopping then this is great.

Paul A Young's store in Heal's off Tottenham Court Road.


  1. I want to do this... sounds fab ;o)

    I just have to find a babysitter now!

  2. Lots of chocolate/foodie bloggers and tweeters had Paul a Youngs afternoon tea! The pictures made it look so tasty, i wish i could have tasted!