Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lindt Creation Chocolate Cake

I do like my Lindt chocolate and when I saw this new Creation bar in my local Waitrose I couldn't resist picking it up 'milk chocolate with a dark chocolate truffle and a melting heart' sounds like my idea of heaven. I presume the bar is based on a melt in the middle/chocolate fondant style pudding by the picture on the packaging.

Lindt Creation Chocolate Cake

When opening the bar you are immediately hit with the classic creamy/malty aromas of Lindt chocolate; it is a pretty hefty bar as opposed to the bog standard Lindt chocolate you may pick up off the shelf - the cubes are a lot thicker with them containing a filling.

Lindt Creation Chocolate Cake

The creamy flavour of Lindt milk chocolate is evident when eating a cube, but I was a bit disappointed with the filling inside; the truffle is more like a chocolate paste and the liquid chocolate centre was a bit like a chocolate sauce you would put on top of an ice cream - it was also a bit dark for my liking and I think it detracted from the creamy milk chocolate flavour.

Lindt Creation Chocolate Cake

The format of the bar itself  is quite good; I liked the large satisfying sized chunks and the ratio of chocolate:filling was great. I mean don't get me wrong I ate the bar and enjoyed it at the time but I couldn't help feeling a bit underwhelmed; from the packaging and the concept and how much I normally enjoy Lindt chocolate, I was a tad disappointed and probably wouldn't repeat purchase.

Taste - 5.6/10 - Underwhelming, the Lindt chocolate flavour was impaired by the filling.
Texture - 6.3/10 - Good sized chunks but the truffle centre was more paste like and I think the liquid centre was just a tad too runny.
Appearance - 7/10 - Looks really good.
Price - 6/10 - I think I paid around £2.00 for this, not bad but I think there's better in the range you could pick up for this price.
Overall - 6.2/10 - Not horrendous but disappointing due to the expectations I had for the bar.
Despite me being underwhelmed by this bar I still think there's a lot of people this would appeal to - it's thick, chocolatey and satisfying.

I've only seen this on sale at Waitrose at the moment.

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  1. With a name like Chocolate Cake, you'd expect it to contain...well...cake! It's basically just another truffle variation otherwise.