Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chocolat Chocolat Create your Own Chocolate Bars

I was recently contacted by a company called Chocolat Chocolat based in Cambridge, that, through their website, you can become your very own master chocolatier/Willy Wonka and produce your very own chocolate bar, simply choose a chocolate base, add toppings and hey presto your unique creation is delivered to you through the post.

Chocolat Chocolat Create Your Own Chocolate Bar

I must admit I did like the idea, but quite often with ideas like this comes poor quality chocolate, I am pleased to say though that this is not the case here, Chocolat Chocolat actually produce a range of delicious looking chocolate offerings with their create your own bar offering simply being the tip of the iceberg.

Chocolat Chocolat Create Your Own Chocolate Bar

I was offered the chance to produce 3 bars - so I opted for one white chocolate base, one milk chocolate base and one caramel chocolate base; the cocoa percentages are actually really good in all of them, with the white chocolate boasting a decent 28% and the milk chocolate/caramel 34%. There's definitely good quality chocolate being used here; which is great to see!

So what did I opt for? I decided to have quite a bit of fun with my bars for my white chocolate bar I wanted strawberry chocolate balls, malt balls, fudge and mint chocolate flakes - sounds strange; ate deliciously. The chocolate bars are decent, thick, 100g bar size, packaged neatly in a card exterior, with details of what exactly your bar contains - you know in case you forgot!

Chocolat Chocolat Create Your Own Chocolate Bar

For my caramel bar I went for brownie pieces, praline and feulletine - this was probably my favourite of all the bars I created, of course the toppings themselves were delicious but the actual caramel chocolate itself was amazing. Really creamy, rich and sweet with lovely caramel/toffee undertones. A real winner here.

Chocolat Chocolat Create Your Own Chocolate Bar

Finally for my milk chocolate bar I opted for caramel chocolate buttons, cinnamon and dried apple pieces - a bit like a caramel apple pie chocolate bar. Again this was utterly delicious, the milk chocolate is of a great quality and had lovely rich cocoa flavours and a great smooth melt in the mouth. My only complaint here is that I probably would have liked the dried apple pieces/caramel buttons to have been slightly smaller so I could have had slightly more on the bar so that there was a bit in every piece I snapped off, but hey, that's only a minor complaint. It was still a great bar.

Chocolat Chocolat Create Your Own Chocolate Bar

Ultimately though, it's not about what bars I chose, as everyone is going to opt for something different - the range of toppings is so vast, there are thousands of options you could go for with a base of 5 various chocolate varieties - white, caramel, milk , dark 55% or dark 70%. However you can at least be safe in the knowledge that the actual chocolate quallity is really good; something novel that tastes great which can also be customised to suit anyone's tastes. Perfect.

Taste - 8.4/10 - The quality of the chocolate is great, a lot better than I was expecting actually and the range of toppings is vast.\
Texture - 7.9/10 - Good thick chunky chocolate bars with a lovely smooth melt; my brownie pieces were a tad firmer than I would have liked and were more chewy as opposed to fudgy.
Appearance - 7.4/10 - Look great.
Price - 6.9/10 - At £5.95 for 100g bar these are a bit more pricey compared to what you might pay for similar cocoa percentage bars at the likes of Hotel Chocolat etc; I guess you're paying for the uniqueness of the bar and the interaction, which I think is  fine as the actual quality of the chocolate itself is great.
Overall - 7.7/10 - A lovely interactive idea to be your very own chocolate creator.
WHERE TO BUY?Online at Chocolat Chocolat's website here.

WHO FOR?Would make a great gift, or if you just fancy treating yourself to some chocolate that you definitely know you're going to enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the review, we are so glad you enjoyed our bars, and thanks for the suggestion about the apple pieces, we are going to make them smaller in the future. Isabelle and Lisa (Chocolat Chocolat's Chocolatiers)