Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Discover Chocolate Bars Fig & Cashew Dark Chocolate

So I've posted up a review of one of  Discover Chocolates Bars' milk chocolate bars and also one of their white - so it was only right that a review of a dark chocolate bar went up as well! Similarly to the milk chocolate bar this one is sweetened with Stevia, making it a great option for those looking to avoid sugar.

Discover Chocolate Bars : Fig & Cashew

I must be honest when I initially thought of fig on a chocolate bar yum didn't immediately spring to mind; but surprisingly enough these were actually one of my favourite components in the bar. There is a lovely textural contrast between the chewy dried figs, the crunch of the cashews and the smooth melt of the dark chocolate.

Discover Chocolate Bars : Fig & Cashew

The dark chocolate itself will probably please the masses; its not too complex nor too bitter and provides quite a creamy rich eat for a dark chocolate, especially at 72% cocoa solids, with deeper cocoa notes but also a nice back sweetness and buttery undertones. Thankfully like the milk chocolate bar the Stevia isn't prominent here whatsoever; there's no awful licorice back note and goes largely unnoticed in the bar, instead just providing a nice level of sweetness.

Discover Chocolate Bars : Fig & Cashew

It's a lovely kind of bar to just nibble away at on a dark winter night; the autumnal flavours of the fig and cashews are lovely and what started as me just deciding to have a little bite of it, quickly descended into me eating the whole bar - very moriesh.

Discover Chocolate Bars : Fig & Cashew

Often there is this perception that chocolates sweetened with sweetener as opposed to sugar are never as good; frankly I think this is a perfect option for someone looking for a "healthier" bar that doesn't compromise on taste.

Taste - 8.2/10 - Really nice, an un-complex yet tasty dark chocolate bar, the fig adds a nice sweetness whilst the cashews provide a good nutty flavour running through the bar.
Texture - 7.8/10 - Smooth melt, nice contrast between the chewy figs + crunchy cashews.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Nothing out of the ordinary, looked fine.
Price - 8.1/10 - At £1.60 it's great value for a 49g bar.
Overall - 7.9/10 - A lovely dark chocolate bar in its own right - whether its sweetened with Stevia or not.
Whether I was actively seeking out a sweetener sweetened bar or not I think its a nice dark chocolate bar for anyone looking for a chocolate fix.

Online at Discover Chocolate Bars here.

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