Thursday, 27 November 2014

Taffy Mail : American Candy Subscription Box

There seems to be multiple chocolate subscription boxes available now and also multiple shops offering American treats/candy but this is the first time I've seen the two formats combined. Taffy Mail offers a subscription based service where every month for £14.99 you are sent a box of 10-12 American candy/treats/chocolate products.

Taffy Mail Review

I always think there's something nice about a surprise style subscription box like this - in the words of Forrest Gump 'you never know what you're gonna get' and it gives you the chance to try a few new different things that normally you may not have purchased - this is especially what I found to be the case here.

Taffy Mail Review

When Taffy Mail contacted me I asked them to ensure that there were at least a couple of chocolate products in the box for me to justify reviewing it on here, normally I don't purchase candy style sweets - they're not really my thing. However when the box arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the selection inside, I got a couple of chocolate bars - Hersheys Cookies & Cream and a Nestle Butterfinger bar, both of which I've tried before and although I'm not a massive fan of either a couple of members of my family absolutely love them.

Taffy Mail Review

The candy selection was great - I got some actual taffy - Wonka Taffy, Cow Tales, Tootsie Rolls, Tootise Pops, Airhead Blue Raspbery Bar, Jolly Rancher Bar Cherry, Wonka Nerds, Pop Rocks Cotton Candy, a can of A&W Root Beer and a packet of Pop Tarts - which I have yet to open but I think it would be a good idea if they put a sticker on the outer silver packaging to detail what flavour they are so  you know before you open them,

Taffy Mail Review

I must say I enjoyed some of the candies far more than I thought I was going to - the Wonka Taffy, Cow Tales & the Pop Rocks proved pleasantly surprising and came in extremely handy for a quick sugar/carb fix when I was competing at a powerlifting competition at the weekend. I probably would never have purchased any of these products but after trying them I would definitely go back for me.

Taffy Mail Review

As a concept I really like the idea, its something novel, fun and for the money you get a good amount of products - I like the idea that there's a mixture of sweets,chocolate, breakfast style/pastry item and a drink and would hope that this theme would continue with every box to allow you to experience a variety of products. A really nice idea for any American candy lover. Plus you can use code LOTOCHOC to receive £2.00 off your first 3 months.

Taffy Mail Review
Taste - 8.2/10 - A great mix of products to suit all tastes.
Texture - N.A/10 - Not really applicable as reviewing a concept/selection of products; I must say though the texture of the taffy was gorgeous, chewy yet soft and much better than I expected.
Appearance - 8/10 - All presented in a nice neat box.
Price - 7.9/10 - At £14.99 plus free UK delivery I think its great value for money.
Overall - 8/10 - Love the idea, would make a great Christmas gift for someone who loves American Candy.
If you fancy trying some different American candy and don't mind a surprise selection.

You can sign up to Taffy Mail online here.

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