Monday, 10 November 2014

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Truffle Stars

I remember a while back when Thorntons were on the brink of going into liquidation; things didn't seem too great and stores were shutting left right and centre; but having read through the financial sections of the papers recently it seems their outlook has improved over the past year; their share prices have risen and they seem to be in a much more stable position. However I still never really get a massive urge to pop into one of their stores and pick up any of their chocolates; sure I might buy a couple of boxes of theirs for family members at Christmastime that I know may be partial to the odd Alpini chocolate, but for myself, their range never really excites me enough, (apart from the recent Snowman & the Snowdog figures, but everyone knows I'm a sucker for novelty).

Thorntons Chocolate Truffle Stars

I'm always open to reviewing products though and so happily obliged to give some of Thorntons Christmas products this year a go; first up we have the bag of Chocolate Truffle Stars, a 70g for £1. £1....for a bag of "truffles"; you never know the quality might be good and these could be an absolute bargain!

Thorntons Chocolate Truffle Stars 

However I'm afraid not; the stars are quite a hefty size and cutting into one you're met with a solid looking filling, that looks more like a chocolate brownie than a smooth melt in the mouth truffle.

Biting into one and I'm afraid the texture isn't melt in the mouth truffle-esque; but more a chewy Play-doh like consistency, the flavour isn't all the great either just a background sweet flavour with no real creamy cocoa notes.

Thorntons Chocolate Truffle Stars

I really wish I could have found some redeeming quality in these; I always find myself wanting to like Thorntons chocolates but always being slightly disappointed when push comes to shove - this was especially the case here. I would quite happily pay £2.50-£3.00 for a bag of these if it meant the quality were improved rather than having a knock down £1 price, its probably one of those products that you'd pick up as a cheap impulse buy stocking filler because its cheap but once you tasted them I don't think it would be a repeat purchase unfortunately.

Taste - 3.6/10 - Really poor I'm afraid, just blandly sweet.
Texture - 3.1/10 - Play-doh like consistency, no melt in the mouth truffle here.
Appearance - 5/10 - Good decent sized stars.
Price - 4/10 - It's hard to give a score for price as they are a bargain at £1 but when it comes to value there's no point paying any money for a product that doesn't really deliver. I'd much rather pay a bit more and get a superior product, at £2.50 these still wouldn't break the bank.
Overall - 3.9/10 - I really wanted to like these but unfortunately they were a bit short of the mark.
Just a cheap stocking filler to bulk out presents I suppose.


Thorntons stores and online here, I think Superdrug stock them too.

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