Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Chocolate Smiths Cherry Christmas Bar

Having previously reviewed the Crimbo Dinner bar from The Chocolate Smiths this is another of their limited edition Christmas bars; albeit not as 'wacky', encapsulating a cherry pie in a chocolate bar this is white chocolate filled with a cherry filling, cinnamon & glace cherries, sounded nice enough to me.

The Chocolate Smiths Cherry Christmas

 Again I really like the exterior design of the bar, its classy but also fun, the bar inside is the usual format and dusted with a red edible glitter - to give it a festive look. I was quite disappointed when I snapped into the bar - I'm not sure whether the filling is meant to be like this or whether I got a bad batch but my cherry filling was so, so dry and almost crumbly. To me cherry pie should be juicy, gooey and packed full of fruit - this wasn't really emulating it whatsoever - it did on the description say that it was meant to be 'gooey' so I was questioning what had happened.

The Chocolate Smiths Cherry Christmas 

It was quite a pasty filling that looked like it had almost bloomed, the glace cherries in it are, well glace cherries, they offer a slight sweetness to the bar but to me, the filling should have been the star of the show. It didn't possess much of a cherry flavour either and I didn't detect much cinnamon nor many crumble pieces, which is a shame as there's nothing really massively 'out there' with this bar and if done well I think it could have been great.

 I would be interested to hear if any of yourselves have tried this bar and whether your filling was the same? Or whether I simply got a bad batch.

The Chocolate Smiths Cherry Christmas

Taste - 5.1/10 - Standard Belgian white chocolate but the not much of a cherry nor cinnamon flavour.
Texture - 2.5/10  - Very poor, the filling was so dry & crumbly.
Appearance - 5.5/10 - Standard bar.
Price - 4.3/10 - I paid £3.99 for this bar in Fenwicks; for that price there's definitely some better bars you could pick up from The Chocolate Smiths.
Overall - 4.3/10 - Not sure whether something had gone wrong or simply this bar wasn't executed well.
Could be a fun stocking filler I guess, but there's better bars you could get.

At Fenwicks in Newcastle or online here.

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  1. Oh dear this sounds very disappointing. I don't think I shall be bothering to try this one, might go for the caramel creme instead!