Monday, 8 December 2014

The Chocolate Smiths : Crimbo Dinner Bar

I've been pretty impressed with the creative chocolates that The Chocolate Smiths have been pumping out recently and I couldn't resist this Crimbo Dinner Bar when I saw it - unusual, certainly, I was interested to see whether the flavours of sage, garlic, onion, black pepper, salt and a filling of gooey cranberry jelly would work in a milk chocolate bar.

The Chocolate Smiths Crimbo Dinner

I could definitely see that the cranberry jelly should work - but the other herbs, well let's just say I was skeptical. The bar itself looks pretty enough, dusted with a light gold shimmer dusting to give it that festive look.

Breaking the bar into cubes, unlike some of the other filled chocolate bars from The Chocolate Smiths' range it seemed that this one had been filled in certain pockets as opposed to the whole bar which meant breaking it into chunks was a lot less messy and made it a lot easier!

The Chocolate Smiths Crimbo Dinner

The cranberry jelly had a nice tart yet sweet flavour that paired well with the milk chocolate; however visually it didn't look massively appealing, with a slightly goopy like texture, but the flavour was there...unfortunately for the other components of this bar I can't say the same.

The garlic,sage and onion was just too out there for me; it felt wrong, the herbs were too strong and overpowering, as if dried herbs had just been added in, giving a too raw intense flavour to the bar, I'm pretty sure that it would have been dried herbs that would have been used - perhaps if fresh could have been used it would have given more subtle undertones to the bar and helped it  balance better.

The Chocolate Smiths Crimbo Dinner

A nice novelty 'fun' chocolate present perhaps but be prepared for a flavour that's a bit out there.

Taste - 3.4/10 - I just didn't think the flavour worked well at all unfortunately, I think this bar is based more on the novelty factor; however if the herbs were toned down a bit I think it could actually be quite pleasant.
Texture - 6.3/10 - Cranberry jelly was a bit gloopy, but the chocolate had a nice melt.
Appearance - 5.7/10 - Packaged nicely, again the cranberry jelly wasn't the most appetising looking thing I've ever seen.
Price - 7.1/10 - At £3.50 its an affordable novelty gift.
Overall - 5.6/10 - A novel stocking filler.
A fun novelty Christmas gift.

WHERE TO BUY?I bought mine at Fenwick but you can also buy it online here.


  1. Yuck, I don't think I shall be bothering with this! Have you tried the fish and chip bar?

  2. Yes I have - I definitely enjoyed it more than this one! Have you?