Monday, 5 January 2015

Choc Nibbles Range

Well I hope everyone had a chocolate filled Christmas & New Year - here we have the 1st review of 2015 and let's hope that this year is one packed full of great new products + chocolate finds!
I'd never encountered Choc Nibbles before until a few weeks ago when I was contacted about trying some of their products - of course, I willingly accepted. Browsing their website I wasn't quite sure exactly what the products would be like - they weren't exactly 'chocolate' by the usual sense - a mixture of chocolate, soft caramel, biscuits & nuts (are contained in the orignal variety) all kind of mushed together and obviously extruded to produce small nibbly pieces that, I'm sorry to say, look a bit like rabbit food.

Looking at the ingredients list is enough to give someone a headache and make those adverse to additional ingredients have palpitations - I don't think I've ever seen an ingredient list so long in a chocolate product. Thankfully I'm not one of those people that is massively adverse to long ingredients lists so I was quite happy to give them a go.

Original Chocolate Nibbles

Choc Nibbles

Choc Nibbles

Unfortunately these didn't taste great, to be honest, I didn't even think they particularly tasted of chocolate, they have a strange sort of texture, not chewy but not crunchy either and kind of just taste like a sweet chemical. I wasn't a massive fan.

Original Toffee Crumble

Choc Nibbles

These are pretty much the same as the Original Chocolate Nibbles apart from they have more toffee/caramel added and extra biscuit, to make them chewier/crunchier compared to their original counterpart. Unforunately I thought this actually made them taste worse.

Original Choc Lick

Choc Nibbles

A kind of chocolate crumb, that I presume you could use as a dip or maybe sprinkle on desserts. Again for such a simple product I cannot believe how long the ingredient list was and the fact that milk chocolate is only 20%, I must admit made me slightly apprehensive. Short story - it didn't taste 'chocolatey' nor did it taste good.

Mint Choc Nibbles

Choc Nibbles

The same as the original Choc Nibbles apart from flavoured with mint; I am a mint chocolate lover and the fact that the poor taste had been covered with mint flavouring did make them considerably better; although there was quite a strong aftertaste. Better and I could eat them, but I would find it a bit of a waste of calories.

Orange Choc Nibbles

Choc Nibbles

Pretty much the same as the Mint Choc Nibbles, apart from, of course, flavoured with orange, again the orange flavouring masks the base flavour so makes them taste considerably better - but again not something I would probably go out and purchase nor eat and waste my calories on.

Unfortunately I have to say I wasn't a fan of Choc Nibbles at all, I just don't really 'get' them, I don't think they particularly look great, they're using a lot of  'scary' looking ingredients and they don't taste nice at all.

Taste - 2/10 - Not nice at all, not really chocolatey, just sweet and chemical like.
Texture - 2.4/10 - A chewy, crunchy, crumbly kind of texture, I didn't really like it.
Appearance - 2/10 - They look like rabbit food.
Price - NA/10 - Unfortunately I'm not sure what these cost but it's kind of irrelevant as I wouldn't buy the product at even a relatively cheap price.
Overall - 2.1/10 - Not a remotely satisfying chocolate product.

WHO FOR?~I'm afraid I can't recommend these at all.

WHERE TO BUY?You can find out their stockists on their website here.

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