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Hugo & Victor Sphères de Saisons (Box of 6)

I've wanted to try Hugo & Victor and chocolates for quite some time now; to me the real fascination came in the way they were presented, neatly popped into a box that resembles an old book - really novel, yet classy at the same time. The choice of chocolates is the either the more 'classic' looking options, your small rectangles, neat squares etc or the more unusual glossy looking half spheres, splashed with colour. The flavours of these spheres vary on the season; whether it be spring,summer,autumn or winter and are pretty much all flavoured caramels. There are 4 sphere flavours which are featured all year which included praline, caramel, chocolate & vanilla.

Hugo & Victor

When I picked up this little box of 6 it was December, which to me seems like winter but according to Hugo & Victor it was 'Saveurs d'Automne' - translated to flavours of autumn, anyway the main point is what the chocolates were like. The flavours I got were chestnut, clementine, lime, praline, chocolate & caramel, so 3 seasonal and 3 all year round flavours.

Hugo & Victor B

Being the huge praline (milk shell, dark stripes) fan that I am I tend to judge a chocolatier by how good their praline is - Hugo & Victor's was delicious; gorgeously smooth with just the right balance between nutty and sweet, with sugar used almost as a seasoning to highlight the flavour of the nut, this was the only chocolate in the box encased in a milk chocolate shell. Gorgeous.

Hugo & Victor

The chestnut (dark shell, light brown stripes) provided a similar praline like texture; albeit I felt the flavour of chestnut could have been slightly more powerful, it was lost slightly in the chocolate, still tasty though; whilst the chocolate (plain brown) was quite similar albeit a richer, darker eat.

Hugo & Victor

Now, moving onto one of the seasonal caramels - I loved the clementine (orange spots), the citrus flavour was light and refreshing and worked really well in the sweet liquid caramel centre. One thing I must point out is that the texture of the caramel is beautiful, smooth and that perfect sweet spot between not too runny nor too thick; whilst the thinness of the chocolate shell is astounding providing a delicate casing that just breaks down when popped in the mouth allowing the centre to quite literally take centre stage.

Hugo & Victor

Unfortunately I wasn't as keen on the lime version (green spots); I felt the lime was far too tart and the dark chocolate didn't provide much relief which just led to a rather tart/bitter chocolate which couldn't even be counterbalanced by the sweetness in the caramel.

Thankfully the plain caramel (gold) helped pull things back and just highlighted how delicious this box of chocolates were; caramel encased in dark chocolate, simple things executed superbly. I would have loved to have tried some of Hugo & Victor's other seasonal caramels - now if I only I went to Paris more often, not only do they look stunning but taste great.

- 7.9/10 - Praline, was my favourite, of course, lime was the only flavour that let this box down.

Texture - 8.5/10 - Really good, smooth pralines, great viscosity of caramel.
Appearance - 9.6/10 - Stunning, I love the whole book concept and the glossy colourful finishes on some of the caramels are amazing.
Price - 8.2/10 - I paid around €10 for this box - pretty good value I think.
Overall - 8.6/10 - Would definitely go back for more and the fact these chocolates are so delicate yet packed with flavour make you feel like you're not being too indulgent.
WHO FOR?Make a lovely unusual chocolate gift.

WHERE TO BUY?Hugo & Victor stores in Paris or you can order online here. However its unclear on the website as to whether they deliver outside of France.

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