Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Demarquette Royal Merina Chocolates

I'd wanted to try Demarquette's Royal Merina chocolate for oh so long, I'd read rave reviews about them declaring how good they were and with them also having won a triple Gold Star & Speciality Product from the South East at 2011 Great Taste Awards I was expecting something quite special.  I'm a firm believer in thinking that sometimes simplicity executed to perfection is best and this is exactly what these chocolates are.

Demarquette Royal Merina Chocolates

The chocolate ganache is made using two single estate origin 68% cocoa chocolates from Madagascar, as well as the couverture, the ganache is mixed with Madagascan Bourbon vanilla infused cream which is then mixed into the chocolate & volumised to optimise and maximise the flavour of the chocolate, before being coated in the couverture blend.  The coating is just thick enough to coat the ganache well but thin enough that it lightly breaks when you bite into the chocolate. The result is something truly spectacular.

Demarquette Royal Merina Chocolates

The filling is like heaven, almost light and fluffy but at the same time rich and melt in the mouth, it is probably one of the best textured chocolate ganaches I've ever had the pleasure of trying, the volumisation certainly takes this ganache to another level, that when eaten releases all of its wonderful flavours -  you have lovely light Madagascan vanilla notes that blend perfectly with the light fruity cocoa flavours. Quite often with dark chocolate ganaches I find them too bitter, I love how delicate the flavour of this one is, offering a rich yet refreshing eat that leaves a wonderful clean chocolate flavour in your mouth.
Demarquette Royal Merina Chocolates

These certainly leave you feeling satisfied, they're not sugar filled so you don't get that feeling of needing to demolish the whole box in one go, but can feel extremely satisfied having one or two due to the luxurious nature of them. Quite often with more expensive chocolates like this I enjoy trying them but probably wouldn't go back for a repeat purchase, these certainly break the trend, I'm already deliberating ordering another box but I'm also keen on trying the African Queen truffles.

I received these as a gift for Christmas and I can ensure you that they make an excellent gift for any chocolate lover -yourself included!!
Taste - 9.2/10 - Beautiful a delicate, light flavour that still packs a wonderful cocoa punch, creamy with lovely vanilla notes.
Texture - 9.7/10 - Exceptional, cannot fault it.
Appearance - 9.0/10 - Stunning, presented beautifully in a classy looking box.
Price - 8.0/10 - At £22.50 for 8 chocolates or £62.50 for 24 these work at around £2.80 or £2.60 for a chocolate - this is definitely expensive but the quality of these is so high I think it justifies the price.
Overall - 9.0/10 - Perfection in chocolate ganache form.
Anyone who enjoys good quality chocolates will absolutely adore these.

Online on Demarquette's website here.

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