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Fairy Tale Gourmet Earl of Peanuttle Egg

The shops are already filled with Easter eggs and its only February - however this chocolate egg delight isn't only just for Easter. Fairy Tale Gourmet formerly known as Lucky's London sell their filled Humpty Dumpty eggs all year round for you to enjoy. They come in either a 'Baby in Tin' size (80g) or 'Humpty Dumpty Moustache' (400g) which is the larger size and are available in array of chocolate/filling options. I opted for a small 'Baby in Tin' size of Earl of Peanuttle; as you may well be aware I love nut filled chocolates so it was a difficult choice between this and the 'Duke of Nutting Hazel' which consisted of a praline and hazelnut filling.

Fairy Tale Gourmet : Earl of Peanuttle

The Earl of Peanuttle is a 40% milk chocolate shell, Fairy Tale Gourmet use Valrhona chocolate as their couverture I believe, so it's a lovely creamy, rich eat, filled with crunchy peanut butter.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the peanut butter filling, I was expecting something a bit like the consistency of a Reese's peanut butter cup, that almost 'icing sugar like texture' albeit with crunchy peanuts throughout. However what I was met with was pretty much pure peanut butter, as if someone had got it straight out of the jar and popped it straight into the centre of the shell of these chocolate eggs. I perhaps would have liked to have seen this sweetened/made into slightly more of a peanut butter truffle like texture as opposed to pure peanut butter but it's still pretty good, oozing out of the shell as you bite into it.

Fairy Tale Gourmet : Earl of Peanuttle

The flavour is lovely, the peanut butter filling didn't taste like it had been sweetened massively so it acts adds a nice salty counterbalance to the rich, creamy, milk chocolate shell. Again there's nothing massively wrong with it and it is delicious, but I think it could be improved upon by making the filling more of a truffle style texture and adding a touch more sweetness.

What definitely is right though is the ratio of chocolate to filling, its spot on providing just enough chocolate and just enough peanut butter to make it a deliciously satisfying eat. With an 80g portion for the small one you could split it into 2 and eat it in 2 sittings but I do think there's something rather satisfying about eating the whole egg; although I can imagine this would be more difficult with the larger one - which due to the texture/filing nature of the product would also be quite hard to cut/break up into different serving sizes.

Fairy Tale Gourmet : Earl of Peanuttle

Any peanut butter lovers will be sure to absolutely adore this, I mean its pretty much pure peanut butter coated in a great quality chocolate shell & the novelty factor is just so cute! I think it's a product that's 'nearly there', quite good as it is but personally I think with a couple of tweaks to the peanut butter filling this could be made even better. I just really want to try the 'Duke of Nutting Hazel' now.

Taste - 7.8/10 - Does what it says on the tin, no pun intended, rich chocolate & peanut butter.
Texture - 7.2/10 - The crunchy nature of the peanut butter adds for a nice texture contrast but I would have preferred a less 'pure peanut butter like texture' and to have seen it made into more of a crunchy peanut butter truffle.
Appearance - 8.7/10 - Looks great and the tin that it's presented in you could keep stuff to store in afterwards.
Price - 7.0/10 - At £9.95 for the 80g version and £29.95 for the 400g version it's not bad value for money and it's a unique concept using great quality ingredients.
Overall - 7.7/10 - Quite good but not amazing, I think if the filling was modified slightly it could be absolutely delicious. Nevertheless still a nice chocolate treat for a gift/present.
Definitely one for the peanut butter lovers! Could be bought as an unusual Easter gift or just a nice chocolate present/treat for yourself at any time of year.


Online at Fairy Tale Gourmet's website

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