Monday, 16 March 2015

Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Chicken

Unlike many of the cute chocolate chicks/hens that are floating around for Easter this year Cocoa Loco have gone for a more sophisticated look for their marbled chocolate chicken, no cute smiley faces or cartoon style eyes here - which makes me feel slightly less guilty about cracking into this chunky chocolate treat!

Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Chicken   

 I hate it when you buy a chocolate figurine and on the shelf it looks like the chocolate is really thick, then you break into it and realise its wafer thin. This is certainly not the case here, snapping the poor chicken's head off it was solid! I thought this would just be the upper part of the body where the chocolate had pooled into the mould; however breaking the chicken in half it was ridiculously thick!! Yum!!

Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Chicken
Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Chicken

The chicken is marbled with dark chocolate containing minimum 73% cocoa solids, milk chocolate containing minimum 37% cocoa solids and 21% milk solids and white chocolate containing minimum 25% milk solids. The chocolate used is made from single origin beans from the Dominican Republic and is organic and Fairtrade; meaning you can feel assured that when you buy it the farmers are being paid a fair wage for their work

Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Chicken

Due to the marbled nature of the chicken it means that each chicken is completely unique in its appearance; the eat is absolutely delicious, due to the marbled nature of the chocolate with each mouthful you get a slightly different level of sweetness depending on the ratio of dark:milk:white.Overall though I would say its a beautiful, creamy, milky eat with subtle caramel notes; it's so obvious that the chocolate has been made using excellent quality beans as the melt of it is gorgeous, smooth, rich and luxurious. The thickness of the chocolate also contributes to the delicious melt as it means a piece lasts in the mouth for a decent length of time.

A more sophisticated quality chocolate figurine for this Easter with great organic and Fairtrade credentials.

Taste - 8.6/10  - A rich, creamy eat with varying levels of sweetness depending on which piece you eat.
Texture - 8.9/10 - Super smooth melt and the chocolate is so thick!!
Appearance - 8/10 - A more realistic chicken look.

Price - 8/10 - At £9.99 for 200g it's excellent value- just look at the thickness of the chocolate.
Overall - 8.4/10 -A lovely chocolate figurine for both adults and children alike.
WHO FOR?Makes a lovely Easter gift if you're looking for quality chocolate but don't want a classic egg.

Online at Cocoa Loco's website here & through various other retailers such as John Lewis & Fairtrade specific websites.


  1. I've seen these in Fenwicks - very tempted to try one after your review! I just wish they weren't so pricey.

    1. The chocolate is really good quality and the thickness definitely makes it worth the money I think if you fancy something a bit more special for Easter!