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Hotel Chocolat The Egglet H-Box

If you don't fancy a large solid chocolate egg this Easter but still want to get into the novelty egg shaped spirit then look no further than this Hotel Chocolat The Egglet H-Box. A box of 15 mini chocolate eggs filled with an assortment of different fillings there's definitely something for everyone in there and also allows you to practise slightly more self control in the fact that the eggs are essentially individually portioned so you don't end up eating a whole solid chocolate egg in one go!

Hotel Chocolat Egglet H Box   

Hotel Chocolat's filled chocolates are always of a great quality and I tried quite a few of these eggs before albeit in their all year round form; I was however looking forward to trying them again and having a taste of some of the ones that I hadn't yet tried.

Hotel Chocolat Egglet H Box

Salted Caramel Egglet
Luxurious molten caramel sealed inside a 50% milk chocolate egglet.

Again, like the praline, I've tried Hotel Chocolat's Salted Caramel chocolate multiple times and every time it hits the spot, perfect balance between salty/sweet with such a gorgeous sumptuously smooth texture.

Speckled Praline Egglet
Smooth hazelnut and mellow milk sealed in vanilla seed caramel chocolate.

Again I've had Hotel Chocolat's praline multiple times but I like how they've mixed up the chocolate casing that it's covered in; the praline was as it always is, deliciously smooth and melt in the mouth, rich with hazelnut flavours,  whilst the  caramel chocolate provided lovely sweet fudgy/toffee undertones with subtle hints of vanilla. Perfect.

Champagne Truffle Egglet - MilkElegant white chocolate and cream with a splash of real champagne.
I'm not a massive fan of alcohol filled chocolates so this was one in the box I left until last,unfortunately it was too strong for me, but if you don't mind alcohol in chocolate then you'll love the boozy hit this one offers.

Hotel Chocolat Egglet H Box

Coffee Caramel Egglet -
Molten caramel and Turkish coffee sealed in dark chocolate.

I'd tried Hotel Chocolat's liquid caramel before and a coffee praline but not the both together, this provides a strong robust coffee flavour that is counter balanced with a sweeter caramel. Like a strong espresso with a shot of caramel syrup.

Strawberry Truffle Egglet
An uplifting combination of tangy strawberry and creamy white chocolate.

One of the more refreshing chocolates in the box, it's nice to have a fruity option. White chocolate was definitely the right option for this one as the strawberry has a lovely tang to it, which pairs really well with the sweeter white chocolate. A nice chocolate to have if you fancy something a bit lighter.

Gianduja Egglet
Intense and smooth hazelnut blended with 70% dark chocolate.

Such a rich eat, but ever so tasty, the gianduja is everything you want it to be, smooth, rich and nutty. The darker chocolate shell offers a more complex eat, this is definitely one to let melt in the mouth and savour.

Hotel Chocolat Egglet H Box

Calvados Caramel Egglet

A generous dash of apple brandy and thick caramel in milk chocolate.

Like the Champagne Truffle, I wasn't massively looking forward to this what with it being alcoholic, it's too strong for me, but once again if you like a good boozy hit then this packs a punch,

Raspberry Supermilk Egglet
Zingy raspberry and creamy white chocolate sealed in high-cocoa supermilk.
I haven't actually tried Hotel Chocolat's new supermilk chocolate yet so I was interested to see how it would work in a filled chocolate form with a zingy raspberry filling. I'm not a massive fan of fruity flavours paired with dark chocolate so I was wondering how it would pair with the higher cocoa milk. I have to say it was delicious, the raspberry centre providing a gorgeous refreshing flavour.

Hazelnut Praline Egglet - Super-smooth hazelnut and creamy milk chocolate sealed in white chocolate.
As I've said time and time again, Hotel Chocolat's Hazelnut Praline is absolutely superb and out of all the pralines I've tried is my favourite. Smooth, rich and nutty with just the right amount of sweetness encased in white chocolate, this is obviously a sweeter eat than their standard milk praline but is still gorgeous with the white chocolate adding a nice subtle vanilla flavour.

Pecan Praline Egglet - Super-smooth pecan in our high-cocoa caramel chocolate.
I've tried this praline before, except for then it was coated in a milk chocolate; I love how they've used their high-cocoa caramel chocolate to encase this one as the caramel notes complement the pecan pie perfectly, creating almost a pecan-pie esque affair. Delicious.

Overall this was an excellent selection of chocolates, whether you're looking to buy it for someone as an alternative Easter gift or just to have in the house over the Easter period to share out between friends/family, there's definitely something in there that everyone will enjoy.

Taste - 8.4/10 - A great box of chocolates with something for everyone.
Texture - 8.8/10 - Smooth pralines, ganaches and caramels. Spot on.
Appearance - 8.6/10 - Packaged & presented beautifully.
Price - 8.2/10 - £12.00 for a box of 15 eggs, working out less than £1.00 an egg.
Overall - 8.5/10 - A lovely alternative chocolate gift to a classic 'Easter Egg'.

Something for everyone in this selection.

In Hotel Chocolat stores or online on their website here.

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